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#include <linux/blkdev.h>
#include "xdr4.h"
struct iomap;
struct xdr_stream;
struct pnfs_block_extent {
struct nfsd4_deviceid vol_id;
u64 foff;
u64 len;
u64 soff;
enum pnfs_block_extent_state es;
struct pnfs_block_range {
u64 foff;
u64 len;
* Random upper cap for the uuid length to avoid unbounded allocation.
* Not actually limited by the protocol.
struct pnfs_block_volume {
enum pnfs_block_volume_type type;
union {
struct {
u64 offset;
u32 sig_len;
} simple;
struct {
enum scsi_code_set code_set;
enum scsi_designator_type designator_type;
int designator_len;
u8 designator[256];
u64 pr_key;
} scsi;
struct pnfs_block_deviceaddr {
u32 nr_volumes;
struct pnfs_block_volume volumes[];
__be32 nfsd4_block_encode_getdeviceinfo(struct xdr_stream *xdr,
struct nfsd4_getdeviceinfo *gdp);
__be32 nfsd4_block_encode_layoutget(struct xdr_stream *xdr,
struct nfsd4_layoutget *lgp);
int nfsd4_block_decode_layoutupdate(__be32 *p, u32 len, struct iomap **iomapp,
u32 block_size);
int nfsd4_scsi_decode_layoutupdate(__be32 *p, u32 len, struct iomap **iomapp,
u32 block_size);