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Driver general quality is not good enough for mainline. Also, other
device drivers (USB-bridge, tuner) needed for Astrometa receiver in
question could need some changes. However, if that driver is mainlined
due to some other device than Astrometa, unrelated TODOs could be
skipped. In that case rtl28xxu driver needs module parameter to prevent
driver loading.
Required TODOs:
* missing lock flags
* I2C errors
* tuner sensitivity
*Do not* send any patch fixing issues. Currently it passes tests. I don't want waste my time to review this kind of
trivial stuff. *Do not* add missing register I/O error checks. Those are
missing for the reason it is much easier to compare I2C data sniffs when
there is less lines. Those error checks are about the last thing to be added.
Patches should be submitted to: and Antti Palosaari <>