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* AD9833/AD9834/AD9837/AD9838 SPI DDS driver
* Copyright 2010-2011 Analog Devices Inc.
* Licensed under the GPL-2.
#ifndef IIO_DDS_AD9834_H_
#define IIO_DDS_AD9834_H_
/* Registers */
#define AD9834_REG_CMD 0
#define AD9834_REG_FREQ0 BIT(14)
#define AD9834_REG_FREQ1 BIT(15)
#define AD9834_REG_PHASE0 (BIT(15) | BIT(14))
#define AD9834_REG_PHASE1 (BIT(15) | BIT(14) | BIT(13))
/* Command Control Bits */
#define AD9834_B28 BIT(13)
#define AD9834_HLB BIT(12)
#define AD9834_FSEL BIT(11)
#define AD9834_PSEL BIT(10)
#define AD9834_PIN_SW BIT(9)
#define AD9834_RESET BIT(8)
#define AD9834_SLEEP1 BIT(7)
#define AD9834_SLEEP12 BIT(6)
#define AD9834_OPBITEN BIT(5)
#define AD9834_SIGN_PIB BIT(4)
#define AD9834_DIV2 BIT(3)
#define AD9834_MODE BIT(1)
#define AD9834_FREQ_BITS 28
#define AD9834_PHASE_BITS 12
#define RES_MASK(bits) (BIT(bits) - 1)
* struct ad9834_state - driver instance specific data
* @spi: spi_device
* @reg: supply regulator
* @mclk: external master clock
* @control: cached control word
* @xfer: default spi transfer
* @msg: default spi message
* @freq_xfer: tuning word spi transfer
* @freq_msg: tuning word spi message
* @data: spi transmit buffer
* @freq_data: tuning word spi transmit buffer
struct ad9834_state {
struct spi_device *spi;
struct regulator *reg;
unsigned int mclk;
unsigned short control;
unsigned short devid;
struct spi_transfer xfer;
struct spi_message msg;
struct spi_transfer freq_xfer[2];
struct spi_message freq_msg;
* DMA (thus cache coherency maintenance) requires the
* transfer buffers to live in their own cache lines.
__be16 data ____cacheline_aligned;
__be16 freq_data[2];
* TODO: struct ad7887_platform_data needs to go into include/linux/iio
* struct ad9834_platform_data - platform specific information
* @mclk: master clock in Hz
* @freq0: power up freq0 tuning word in Hz
* @freq1: power up freq1 tuning word in Hz
* @phase0: power up phase0 value [0..4095] correlates with 0..2PI
* @phase1: power up phase1 value [0..4095] correlates with 0..2PI
* @en_div2: digital output/2 is passed to the SIGN BIT OUT pin
* @en_signbit_msb_out: the MSB (or MSB/2) of the DAC data is connected to the
* SIGN BIT OUT pin. en_div2 controls whether it is the MSB
* or MSB/2 that is output. if en_signbit_msb_out=false,
* the on-board comparator is connected to SIGN BIT OUT
struct ad9834_platform_data {
unsigned int mclk;
unsigned int freq0;
unsigned int freq1;
unsigned short phase0;
unsigned short phase1;
bool en_div2;
bool en_signbit_msb_out;
* ad9834_supported_device_ids:
enum ad9834_supported_device_ids {
#endif /* IIO_DDS_AD9834_H_ */