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menu "Android"
config ASHMEM
bool "Enable the Anonymous Shared Memory Subsystem"
default n
depends on SHMEM
The ashmem subsystem is a new shared memory allocator, similar to
POSIX SHM but with different behavior and sporting a simpler
file-based API.
It is, in theory, a good memory allocator for low-memory devices,
because it can discard shared memory units when under memory pressure.
bool "Android Low Memory Killer"
Registers processes to be killed when low memory conditions, this is useful
as there is no particular swap space on android.
The registered process will kill according to the priorities in android init
scripts (/init.rc), and it defines priority values with minimum free memory size
for each priority.
config SYNC
bool "Synchronization framework"
default n
This option enables the framework for synchronization between multiple
drivers. Sync implementations can take advantage of hardware
synchronization built into devices like GPUs.
config SW_SYNC
bool "Software synchronization objects"
default n
depends on SYNC
depends on SYNC_FILE
A sync object driver that uses a 32bit counter to coordinate
synchronization. Useful when there is no hardware primitive backing
the synchronization.
source "drivers/staging/android/ion/Kconfig"
endif # if ANDROID