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Linux* Base Driver for Intel(R) Network Connection
Intel XL710 X710 Virtual Function Linux driver.
Copyright(c) 2013 Intel Corporation.
- Identifying Your Adapter
- Known Issues/Troubleshooting
- Support
This file describes the i40evf Linux* Base Driver for the Intel(R) XL710
X710 Virtual Function.
The i40evf driver supports XL710 and X710 virtual function devices that
can only be activated on kernels with CONFIG_PCI_IOV enabled.
The guest OS loading the i40evf driver must support MSI-X interrupts.
Identifying Your Adapter
For more information on how to identify your adapter, go to the Adapter &
Driver ID Guide at:
Known Issues/Troubleshooting
For general information, go to the Intel support website at:
or the Intel Wired Networking project hosted by Sourceforge at:
If an issue is identified with the released source code on the supported
kernel with a supported adapter, email the specific information related
to the issue to