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/* QLogic qed NIC Driver
* Copyright (c) 2015 QLogic Corporation
* This software is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* (GPL) Version 2, available from the file COPYING in the main directory of
* this source tree.
#ifndef _QED_IOV_IF_H
#define _QED_IOV_IF_H
#include <linux/qed/qed_if.h>
/* Structs used by PF to control and manipulate child VFs */
struct qed_iov_hv_ops {
int (*configure)(struct qed_dev *cdev, int num_vfs_param);
int (*set_mac) (struct qed_dev *cdev, u8 *mac, int vfid);
int (*set_vlan) (struct qed_dev *cdev, u16 vid, int vfid);
int (*get_config) (struct qed_dev *cdev, int vf_id,
struct ifla_vf_info *ivi);
int (*set_link_state) (struct qed_dev *cdev, int vf_id,
int link_state);
int (*set_spoof) (struct qed_dev *cdev, int vfid, bool val);
int (*set_rate) (struct qed_dev *cdev, int vfid,
u32 min_rate, u32 max_rate);