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/* QLogic qed NIC Driver
* Copyright (c) 2015 QLogic Corporation
* This software is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* (GPL) Version 2, available from the file COPYING in the main directory of
* this source tree.
#ifndef _QED_ETH_IF_H
#define _QED_ETH_IF_H
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/if_link.h>
#include <linux/qed/eth_common.h>
#include <linux/qed/qed_if.h>
#include <linux/qed/qed_iov_if.h>
struct qed_dev_eth_info {
struct qed_dev_info common;
u8 num_queues;
u8 num_tc;
u8 port_mac[ETH_ALEN];
u8 num_vlan_filters;
struct qed_update_vport_rss_params {
u16 rss_ind_table[128];
u32 rss_key[10];
u8 rss_caps;
struct qed_update_vport_params {
u8 vport_id;
u8 update_vport_active_flg;
u8 vport_active_flg;
u8 update_tx_switching_flg;
u8 tx_switching_flg;
u8 update_accept_any_vlan_flg;
u8 accept_any_vlan;
u8 update_rss_flg;
struct qed_update_vport_rss_params rss_params;
struct qed_start_vport_params {
bool remove_inner_vlan;
bool gro_enable;
bool drop_ttl0;
u8 vport_id;
u16 mtu;
bool clear_stats;
struct qed_stop_rxq_params {
u8 rss_id;
u8 rx_queue_id;
u8 vport_id;
bool eq_completion_only;
struct qed_stop_txq_params {
u8 rss_id;
u8 tx_queue_id;
enum qed_filter_rx_mode_type {
enum qed_filter_xcast_params_type {
struct qed_filter_ucast_params {
enum qed_filter_xcast_params_type type;
u8 vlan_valid;
u16 vlan;
u8 mac_valid;
unsigned char mac[ETH_ALEN];
struct qed_filter_mcast_params {
enum qed_filter_xcast_params_type type;
u8 num;
unsigned char mac[64][ETH_ALEN];
union qed_filter_type_params {
enum qed_filter_rx_mode_type accept_flags;
struct qed_filter_ucast_params ucast;
struct qed_filter_mcast_params mcast;
enum qed_filter_type {
struct qed_filter_params {
enum qed_filter_type type;
union qed_filter_type_params filter;
struct qed_queue_start_common_params {
u8 rss_id;
u8 queue_id;
u8 vport_id;
u16 sb;
u16 sb_idx;
struct qed_tunn_params {
u16 vxlan_port;
u8 update_vxlan_port;
u16 geneve_port;
u8 update_geneve_port;
struct qed_eth_cb_ops {
struct qed_common_cb_ops common;
void (*force_mac) (void *dev, u8 *mac);
struct qed_eth_ops {
const struct qed_common_ops *common;
const struct qed_iov_hv_ops *iov;
int (*fill_dev_info)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
struct qed_dev_eth_info *info);
void (*register_ops)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
struct qed_eth_cb_ops *ops,
void *cookie);
bool(*check_mac) (struct qed_dev *cdev, u8 *mac);
int (*vport_start)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
struct qed_start_vport_params *params);
int (*vport_stop)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
u8 vport_id);
int (*vport_update)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
struct qed_update_vport_params *params);
int (*q_rx_start)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
struct qed_queue_start_common_params *params,
u16 bd_max_bytes,
dma_addr_t bd_chain_phys_addr,
dma_addr_t cqe_pbl_addr,
u16 cqe_pbl_size,
void __iomem **pp_prod);
int (*q_rx_stop)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
struct qed_stop_rxq_params *params);
int (*q_tx_start)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
struct qed_queue_start_common_params *params,
dma_addr_t pbl_addr,
u16 pbl_size,
void __iomem **pp_doorbell);
int (*q_tx_stop)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
struct qed_stop_txq_params *params);
int (*filter_config)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
struct qed_filter_params *params);
int (*fastpath_stop)(struct qed_dev *cdev);
int (*eth_cqe_completion)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
u8 rss_id,
struct eth_slow_path_rx_cqe *cqe);
void (*get_vport_stats)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
struct qed_eth_stats *stats);
int (*tunn_config)(struct qed_dev *cdev,
struct qed_tunn_params *params);
const struct qed_eth_ops *qed_get_eth_ops(void);
void qed_put_eth_ops(void);