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* AD7887 SPI ADC driver
* Copyright 2010 Analog Devices Inc.
* Licensed under the GPL-2 or later.
#ifndef IIO_ADC_AD7887_H_
#define IIO_ADC_AD7887_H_
* struct ad7887_platform_data - AD7887 ADC driver platform data
* @en_dual: Whether to use dual channel mode. If set to true AIN1 becomes the
* second input channel, and Vref is internally connected to Vdd. If set to
* false the device is used in single channel mode and AIN1/Vref is used as
* VREF input.
* @use_onchip_ref: Whether to use the onchip reference. If set to true the
* internal 2.5V reference is used. If set to false a external reference is
* used.
struct ad7887_platform_data {
bool en_dual;
bool use_onchip_ref;
#endif /* IIO_ADC_AD7887_H_ */