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** **
** Copyright (c) 2012 Quantenna Communications, Inc. **
** All Rights Reserved **
** **
#ifndef _QVSP_NETDBG_H_
#define _QVSP_NETDBG_H_
#include "qtn/qvsp.h"
#include <qtn/qvsp_common.h>
#include <qtn/qvsp_data.h>
struct qvsp_netdbg_data {
uint32_t ndb_strm_tot; /* must be first for stat_parser */
uint32_t fat_last;
uint32_t fat_avail;
uint32_t fat_intf;
uint32_t chan_last;
uint32_t strm_tot;
uint32_t strm_tot_qtn;
uint32_t strm_tot_enabled;
uint32_t strm_tot_disabled;
uint32_t strm_tot_disabled_remote;
uint32_t strm_tot_ac[WME_NUM_AC];
uint32_t pkts_tx;
uint32_t pkts_tx_sent;
uint32_t kbps_tx;
uint32_t kbps_tx_sent;
uint32_t pkts_rx;
uint32_t pkts_rx_sent;
uint32_t kbps_rx;
uint32_t kbps_rx_sent;
uint32_t strm_enable;
uint32_t strm_disable;
uint32_t strm_disable_remote;
uint32_t strm_reenable;
uint32_t fat_over;
uint32_t fat_under;
uint32_t fat_chk_disable;
uint32_t fat_chk_reenable;
} __packed;
struct qvsp_netdbg_strm {
uint32_t strm_hash;
uint32_t saddr[4];
uint32_t sport;
uint32_t daddr[4];
uint32_t dport;
uint32_t node_idx;
uint32_t hairpin_id;
uint32_t hairpin_type;
uint32_t ac;
uint32_t ip_proto;
enum qvsp_rule_dir_e dir;
enum qvsp_strm_state_e strm_state;
uint32_t age;
uint32_t pkts;
uint32_t pkts_sent;
uint32_t kbps;
uint32_t kbps_sent;
uint32_t phy_rate;
uint32_t phy_rate_disabled;
uint32_t ni_cost;
uint32_t ni_strm_cost;
uint32_t tx_last_mcs;
uint32_t avg_per;
} __packed;
/* Used by the stat_parser */
struct qvsp_netdbg_rec {
struct qdrv_netdebug_hdr ndb_hdr;
struct qvsp_netdbg_data vsp_data;
struct qvsp_netdbg_strm strm_data;
} __packed;
#endif /* _QVSP_NETDBG_H_ */