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* Copyright (C) 2015 Etnaviv Project
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by
* the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
* more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
* this program. If not, see <>.
#ifndef __ETNAVIV_GPU_H__
#define __ETNAVIV_GPU_H__
#include <linux/clk.h>
#include <linux/regulator/consumer.h>
#include "etnaviv_drv.h"
struct etnaviv_gem_submit;
struct etnaviv_vram_mapping;
struct etnaviv_chip_identity {
/* Chip model. */
u32 model;
/* Revision value.*/
u32 revision;
/* Supported feature fields. */
u32 features;
/* Supported minor feature fields. */
u32 minor_features0;
/* Supported minor feature 1 fields. */
u32 minor_features1;
/* Supported minor feature 2 fields. */
u32 minor_features2;
/* Supported minor feature 3 fields. */
u32 minor_features3;
/* Supported minor feature 4 fields. */
u32 minor_features4;
/* Supported minor feature 5 fields. */
u32 minor_features5;
/* Number of streams supported. */
u32 stream_count;
/* Total number of temporary registers per thread. */
u32 register_max;
/* Maximum number of threads. */
u32 thread_count;
/* Number of shader cores. */
u32 shader_core_count;
/* Size of the vertex cache. */
u32 vertex_cache_size;
/* Number of entries in the vertex output buffer. */
u32 vertex_output_buffer_size;
/* Number of pixel pipes. */
u32 pixel_pipes;
/* Number of instructions. */
u32 instruction_count;
/* Number of constants. */
u32 num_constants;
/* Buffer size */
u32 buffer_size;
/* Number of varyings */
u8 varyings_count;
struct etnaviv_event {
bool used;
struct fence *fence;
struct etnaviv_cmdbuf;
struct etnaviv_gpu {
struct drm_device *drm;
struct device *dev;
struct mutex lock;
struct etnaviv_chip_identity identity;
struct etnaviv_file_private *lastctx;
bool switch_context;
/* 'ring'-buffer: */
struct etnaviv_cmdbuf *buffer;
int exec_state;
/* bus base address of memory */
u32 memory_base;
/* event management: */
struct etnaviv_event event[30];
struct completion event_free;
spinlock_t event_spinlock;
/* list of currently in-flight command buffers */
struct list_head active_cmd_list;
u32 idle_mask;
/* Fencing support */
u32 next_fence;
u32 active_fence;
u32 completed_fence;
u32 retired_fence;
wait_queue_head_t fence_event;
unsigned int fence_context;
spinlock_t fence_spinlock;
/* worker for handling active-list retiring: */
struct work_struct retire_work;
void __iomem *mmio;
int irq;
struct etnaviv_iommu *mmu;
/* Power Control: */
struct clk *clk_bus;
struct clk *clk_core;
struct clk *clk_shader;
/* Hang Detction: */
#define DRM_ETNAVIV_HANGCHECK_PERIOD 500 /* in ms */
struct timer_list hangcheck_timer;
u32 hangcheck_fence;
u32 hangcheck_dma_addr;
struct work_struct recover_work;
struct etnaviv_cmdbuf {
/* device this cmdbuf is allocated for */
struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu;
/* user context key, must be unique between all active users */
struct etnaviv_file_private *ctx;
/* cmdbuf properties */
void *vaddr;
dma_addr_t paddr;
u32 size;
u32 user_size;
/* fence after which this buffer is to be disposed */
struct fence *fence;
/* target exec state */
u32 exec_state;
/* per GPU in-flight list */
struct list_head node;
/* BOs attached to this command buffer */
unsigned int nr_bos;
struct etnaviv_vram_mapping *bo_map[0];
static inline void gpu_write(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu, u32 reg, u32 data)
etnaviv_writel(data, gpu->mmio + reg);
static inline u32 gpu_read(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu, u32 reg)
return etnaviv_readl(gpu->mmio + reg);
static inline bool fence_completed(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu, u32 fence)
return fence_after_eq(gpu->completed_fence, fence);
static inline bool fence_retired(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu, u32 fence)
return fence_after_eq(gpu->retired_fence, fence);
int etnaviv_gpu_get_param(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu, u32 param, u64 *value);
int etnaviv_gpu_init(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu);
int etnaviv_gpu_debugfs(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu, struct seq_file *m);
int etnaviv_gpu_fence_sync_obj(struct etnaviv_gem_object *etnaviv_obj,
unsigned int context, bool exclusive);
void etnaviv_gpu_retire(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu);
int etnaviv_gpu_wait_fence_interruptible(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu,
u32 fence, struct timespec *timeout);
int etnaviv_gpu_wait_obj_inactive(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu,
struct etnaviv_gem_object *etnaviv_obj, struct timespec *timeout);
int etnaviv_gpu_submit(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu,
struct etnaviv_gem_submit *submit, struct etnaviv_cmdbuf *cmdbuf);
struct etnaviv_cmdbuf *etnaviv_gpu_cmdbuf_new(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu,
u32 size, size_t nr_bos);
void etnaviv_gpu_cmdbuf_free(struct etnaviv_cmdbuf *cmdbuf);
int etnaviv_gpu_pm_get_sync(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu);
void etnaviv_gpu_pm_put(struct etnaviv_gpu *gpu);
extern struct platform_driver etnaviv_gpu_driver;
#endif /* __ETNAVIV_GPU_H__ */