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/* OLPC machine specific definitions */
#ifndef _ASM_X86_OLPC_H
#define _ASM_X86_OLPC_H
#include <asm/geode.h>
struct olpc_platform_t {
int flags;
uint32_t boardrev;
int ecver;
#define OLPC_F_PRESENT 0x01
#define OLPC_F_DCON 0x02
#define OLPC_F_EC_WIDE_SCI 0x04
extern struct olpc_platform_t olpc_platform_info;
* OLPC board IDs contain the major build number within the mask 0x0ff0,
* and the minor build number within 0x000f. Pre-builds have a minor
* number less than 8, and normal builds start at 8. For example, 0x0B10
* is a PreB1, and 0x0C18 is a C1.
static inline uint32_t olpc_board(uint8_t id)
return (id << 4) | 0x8;
static inline uint32_t olpc_board_pre(uint8_t id)
return id << 4;
static inline int machine_is_olpc(void)
return (olpc_platform_info.flags & OLPC_F_PRESENT) ? 1 : 0;
* The DCON is OLPC's Display Controller. It has a number of unique
* features that we might want to take advantage of..
static inline int olpc_has_dcon(void)
return (olpc_platform_info.flags & OLPC_F_DCON) ? 1 : 0;
* The "Mass Production" version of OLPC's XO is identified as being model
* C2. During the prototype phase, the following models (in chronological
* order) were created: A1, B1, B2, B3, B4, C1. The A1 through B2 models
* were based on Geode GX CPUs, and models after that were based upon
* Geode LX CPUs. There were also some hand-assembled models floating
* around, referred to as PreB1, PreB2, etc.
static inline int olpc_board_at_least(uint32_t rev)
return olpc_platform_info.boardrev >= rev;
extern void olpc_ec_wakeup_set(u16 value);
extern void olpc_ec_wakeup_clear(u16 value);
extern bool olpc_ec_wakeup_available(void);
extern int olpc_ec_mask_write(u16 bits);
extern int olpc_ec_sci_query(u16 *sci_value);
static inline int machine_is_olpc(void)
return 0;
static inline int olpc_has_dcon(void)
return 0;
static inline void olpc_ec_wakeup_set(u16 value) { }
static inline void olpc_ec_wakeup_clear(u16 value) { }
static inline bool olpc_ec_wakeup_available(void)
return false;
extern void do_olpc_suspend_lowlevel(void);
extern void olpc_xo1_pm_wakeup_set(u16 value);
extern void olpc_xo1_pm_wakeup_clear(u16 value);
extern int pci_olpc_init(void);
/* SCI source values */
#define EC_SCI_SRC_EMPTY 0x00
#define EC_SCI_SRC_GAME 0x01
#define EC_SCI_SRC_BATTERY 0x02
#define EC_SCI_SRC_BATSOC 0x04
#define EC_SCI_SRC_BATERR 0x08
#define EC_SCI_SRC_EBOOK 0x10 /* XO-1 only */
#define EC_SCI_SRC_WLAN 0x20 /* XO-1 only */
#define EC_SCI_SRC_ACPWR 0x40
#define EC_SCI_SRC_BATCRIT 0x80
#define EC_SCI_SRC_GPWAKE 0x100 /* XO-1.5 only */
#define EC_SCI_SRC_ALL 0x1FF
/* GPIO assignments */
#define OLPC_GPIO_MIC_AC 1
#define OLPC_GPIO_THRM_ALRM geode_gpio(10)
#define OLPC_GPIO_SMB_CLK 14
#define OLPC_GPIO_WORKAUX geode_gpio(24)
#define OLPC_GPIO_LID 26
#define OLPC_GPIO_ECSCI 27
#endif /* _ASM_X86_OLPC_H */