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#ifndef _SPARC64_ESTATE_H
#define _SPARC64_ESTATE_H
/* UltraSPARC-III E-cache Error Enable */
#define ESTATE_ERROR_FMT 0x0000000000040000 /* Force MTAG ECC */
#define ESTATE_ERROR_FMESS 0x000000000003c000 /* Forced MTAG ECC val */
#define ESTATE_ERROR_FMD 0x0000000000002000 /* Force DATA ECC */
#define ESTATE_ERROR_FDECC 0x0000000000001ff0 /* Forced DATA ECC val */
#define ESTATE_ERROR_UCEEN 0x0000000000000008 /* See below */
#define ESTATE_ERROR_NCEEN 0x0000000000000002 /* See below */
#define ESTATE_ERROR_CEEN 0x0000000000000001 /* See below */
/* UCEEN enables the fast_ECC_error trap for: 1) software correctable E-cache
* errors 2) uncorrectable E-cache errors. Such events only occur on reads
* of the E-cache by the local processor for: 1) data loads 2) instruction
* fetches 3) atomic operations. Such events _cannot_ occur for: 1) merge
* 2) writeback 2) copyout. The AFSR bits associated with these traps are
* UCC and UCU.
/* NCEEN enables instruction_access_error, data_access_error, and ECC_error traps
* for uncorrectable ECC errors and system errors.
* Uncorrectable system bus data error or MTAG ECC error, system bus TimeOUT,
* or system bus BusERR:
* 1) As the result of an instruction fetch, will generate instruction_access_error
* 2) As the result of a load etc. will generate data_access_error.
* 3) As the result of store merge completion, writeback, or copyout will
* generate a disrupting ECC_error trap.
* 4) As the result of such errors on instruction vector fetch can generate any
* of the 3 trap types.
* The AFSR bits associated with these traps are EMU, EDU, WDU, CPU, IVU, UE,
* BERR, and TO.
/* CEEN enables the ECC_error trap for hardware corrected ECC errors. System bus
* reads resulting in a hardware corrected data or MTAG ECC error will generate an
* ECC_error disrupting trap with this bit enabled.
* This same trap will also be generated when a hardware corrected ECC error results
* during store merge, writeback, and copyout operations.
/* In general, if the trap enable bits above are disabled the AFSR bits will still
* log the events even though the trap will not be generated by the processor.
#endif /* _SPARC64_ESTATE_H */