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#ifndef _ASM_SPARC_DMA_H
#define _ASM_SPARC_DMA_H
/* These are irrelevant for Sparc DMA, but we leave it in so that
* things can compile.
#define DMA_MODE_READ 1
#define DMA_MODE_WRITE 2
#define MAX_DMA_ADDRESS (~0UL)
/* Useful constants */
#define SIZE_16MB (16*1024*1024)
#define SIZE_64K (64*1024)
/* SBUS DMA controller reg offsets */
#define DMA_CSR 0x00UL /* rw DMA control/status register 0x00 */
#define DMA_ADDR 0x04UL /* rw DMA transfer address register 0x04 */
#define DMA_COUNT 0x08UL /* rw DMA transfer count register 0x08 */
#define DMA_TEST 0x0cUL /* rw DMA test/debug register 0x0c */
/* Fields in the cond_reg register */
/* First, the version identification bits */
#define DMA_DEVICE_ID 0xf0000000 /* Device identification bits */
#define DMA_VERS0 0x00000000 /* Sunray DMA version */
#define DMA_ESCV1 0x40000000 /* DMA ESC Version 1 */
#define DMA_VERS1 0x80000000 /* DMA rev 1 */
#define DMA_VERS2 0xa0000000 /* DMA rev 2 */
#define DMA_VERHME 0xb0000000 /* DMA hme gate array */
#define DMA_VERSPLUS 0x90000000 /* DMA rev 1 PLUS */
#define DMA_HNDL_INTR 0x00000001 /* An IRQ needs to be handled */
#define DMA_HNDL_ERROR 0x00000002 /* We need to take an error */
#define DMA_FIFO_ISDRAIN 0x0000000c /* The DMA FIFO is draining */
#define DMA_INT_ENAB 0x00000010 /* Turn on interrupts */
#define DMA_FIFO_INV 0x00000020 /* Invalidate the FIFO */
#define DMA_ACC_SZ_ERR 0x00000040 /* The access size was bad */
#define DMA_FIFO_STDRAIN 0x00000040 /* DMA_VERS1 Drain the FIFO */
#define DMA_RST_SCSI 0x00000080 /* Reset the SCSI controller */
#define DMA_RST_ENET DMA_RST_SCSI /* Reset the ENET controller */
#define DMA_ST_WRITE 0x00000100 /* write from device to memory */
#define DMA_ENABLE 0x00000200 /* Fire up DMA, handle requests */
#define DMA_PEND_READ 0x00000400 /* DMA_VERS1/0/PLUS Pending Read */
#define DMA_ESC_BURST 0x00000800 /* 1=16byte 0=32byte */
#define DMA_READ_AHEAD 0x00001800 /* DMA read ahead partial longword */
#define DMA_DSBL_RD_DRN 0x00001000 /* No EC drain on slave reads */
#define DMA_BCNT_ENAB 0x00002000 /* If on, use the byte counter */
#define DMA_TERM_CNTR 0x00004000 /* Terminal counter */
#define DMA_SCSI_SBUS64 0x00008000 /* HME: Enable 64-bit SBUS mode. */
#define DMA_CSR_DISAB 0x00010000 /* No FIFO drains during csr */
#define DMA_SCSI_DISAB 0x00020000 /* No FIFO drains during reg */
#define DMA_DSBL_WR_INV 0x00020000 /* No EC inval. on slave writes */
#define DMA_ADD_ENABLE 0x00040000 /* Special ESC DVMA optimization */
#define DMA_E_BURSTS 0x000c0000 /* ENET: SBUS r/w burst mask */
#define DMA_E_BURST32 0x00040000 /* ENET: SBUS 32 byte r/w burst */
#define DMA_E_BURST16 0x00000000 /* ENET: SBUS 16 byte r/w burst */
#define DMA_BRST_SZ 0x000c0000 /* SCSI: SBUS r/w burst size */
#define DMA_BRST64 0x000c0000 /* SCSI: 64byte bursts (HME on UltraSparc only) */
#define DMA_BRST32 0x00040000 /* SCSI: 32byte bursts */
#define DMA_BRST16 0x00000000 /* SCSI: 16byte bursts */
#define DMA_BRST0 0x00080000 /* SCSI: no bursts (non-HME gate arrays) */
#define DMA_ADDR_DISAB 0x00100000 /* No FIFO drains during addr */
#define DMA_2CLKS 0x00200000 /* Each transfer = 2 clock ticks */
#define DMA_3CLKS 0x00400000 /* Each transfer = 3 clock ticks */
#define DMA_EN_ENETAUI DMA_3CLKS /* Put lance into AUI-cable mode */
#define DMA_CNTR_DISAB 0x00800000 /* No IRQ when DMA_TERM_CNTR set */
#define DMA_AUTO_NADDR 0x01000000 /* Use "auto nxt addr" feature */
#define DMA_SCSI_ON 0x02000000 /* Enable SCSI dma */
#define DMA_PARITY_OFF 0x02000000 /* HME: disable parity checking */
#define DMA_LOADED_ADDR 0x04000000 /* Address has been loaded */
#define DMA_LOADED_NADDR 0x08000000 /* Next address has been loaded */
#define DMA_RESET_FAS366 0x08000000 /* HME: Assert RESET to FAS366 */
/* Values describing the burst-size property from the PROM */
#define DMA_BURST1 0x01
#define DMA_BURST2 0x02
#define DMA_BURST4 0x04
#define DMA_BURST8 0x08
#define DMA_BURST16 0x10
#define DMA_BURST32 0x20
#define DMA_BURST64 0x40
#define DMA_BURSTBITS 0x7f
/* From PCI */
extern int isa_dma_bridge_buggy;
#define isa_dma_bridge_buggy (0)
/* Routines for data transfer buffers. */
BTFIXUPDEF_CALL(char *, mmu_lockarea, char *, unsigned long)
BTFIXUPDEF_CALL(void, mmu_unlockarea, char *, unsigned long)
#define mmu_lockarea(vaddr,len) BTFIXUP_CALL(mmu_lockarea)(vaddr,len)
#define mmu_unlockarea(vaddr,len) BTFIXUP_CALL(mmu_unlockarea)(vaddr,len)
struct page;
struct device;
struct scatterlist;
/* These are implementations for sbus_map_sg/sbus_unmap_sg... collapse later */
BTFIXUPDEF_CALL(__u32, mmu_get_scsi_one, struct device *, char *, unsigned long)
BTFIXUPDEF_CALL(void, mmu_get_scsi_sgl, struct device *, struct scatterlist *, int)
BTFIXUPDEF_CALL(void, mmu_release_scsi_one, struct device *, __u32, unsigned long)
BTFIXUPDEF_CALL(void, mmu_release_scsi_sgl, struct device *, struct scatterlist *, int)
#define mmu_get_scsi_one(dev,vaddr,len) BTFIXUP_CALL(mmu_get_scsi_one)(dev,vaddr,len)
#define mmu_get_scsi_sgl(dev,sg,sz) BTFIXUP_CALL(mmu_get_scsi_sgl)(dev,sg,sz)
#define mmu_release_scsi_one(dev,vaddr,len) BTFIXUP_CALL(mmu_release_scsi_one)(dev,vaddr,len)
#define mmu_release_scsi_sgl(dev,sg,sz) BTFIXUP_CALL(mmu_release_scsi_sgl)(dev,sg,sz)
* mmu_map/unmap are provided by iommu/iounit; Invalid to call on IIep.
* The mmu_map_dma_area establishes two mappings in one go.
* These mappings point to pages normally mapped at 'va' (linear address).
* First mapping is for CPU visible address at 'a', uncached.
* This is an alias, but it works because it is an uncached mapping.
* Second mapping is for device visible address, or "bus" address.
* The bus address is returned at '*pba'.
* These functions seem distinct, but are hard to split. On sun4c,
* at least for now, 'a' is equal to bus address, and retured in *pba.
* On sun4m, page attributes depend on the CPU type, so we have to
* know if we are mapping RAM or I/O, so it has to be an additional argument
* to a separate mapping function for CPU visible mappings.
BTFIXUPDEF_CALL(int, mmu_map_dma_area, struct device *, dma_addr_t *, unsigned long, unsigned long, int len)
BTFIXUPDEF_CALL(void, mmu_unmap_dma_area, struct device *, unsigned long busa, int len)
#define mmu_map_dma_area(dev,pba,va,a,len) BTFIXUP_CALL(mmu_map_dma_area)(dev,pba,va,a,len)
#define mmu_unmap_dma_area(dev,ba,len) BTFIXUP_CALL(mmu_unmap_dma_area)(dev,ba,len)
#endif /* !(_ASM_SPARC_DMA_H) */