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#include <asm/fpstate.h>
* struct sigcontext only has room for the basic registers, but struct
* ucontext now has room for all registers which need to be saved and
* restored. Coprocessor registers are stored in uc_regspace. Each
* coprocessor's saved state should start with a documented 32-bit magic
* number, followed by a 32-bit word giving the coproccesor's saved size.
* uc_regspace may be expanded if necessary, although this takes some
* coordination with glibc.
struct ucontext {
unsigned long uc_flags;
struct ucontext *uc_link;
stack_t uc_stack;
struct sigcontext uc_mcontext;
sigset_t uc_sigmask;
/* Allow for uc_sigmask growth. Glibc uses a 1024-bit sigset_t. */
int __unused[32 - (sizeof (sigset_t) / sizeof (int))];
/* Last for extensibility. Eight byte aligned because some
coprocessors require eight byte alignment. */
unsigned long uc_regspace[128] __attribute__((__aligned__(8)));
#ifdef __KERNEL__
* Coprocessor save state. The magic values and specific
* coprocessor's layouts are part of the userspace ABI. Each one of
* these should be a multiple of eight bytes and aligned to eight
* bytes, to prevent unpredictable padding in the signal frame.
#define CRUNCH_MAGIC 0x5065cf03
struct crunch_sigframe {
unsigned long magic;
unsigned long size;
struct crunch_state storage;
} __attribute__((__aligned__(8)));
/* iwmmxt_area is 0x98 bytes long, preceeded by 8 bytes of signature */
#define IWMMXT_MAGIC 0x12ef842a
struct iwmmxt_sigframe {
unsigned long magic;
unsigned long size;
struct iwmmxt_struct storage;
} __attribute__((__aligned__(8)));
#endif /* CONFIG_IWMMXT */
#if __LINUX_ARM_ARCH__ < 6
/* For ARM pre-v6, we use fstmiax and fldmiax. This adds one extra
* word after the registers, and a word of padding at the end for
* alignment. */
#define VFP_MAGIC 0x56465001
#define VFP_STORAGE_SIZE 152
#define VFP_MAGIC 0x56465002
#define VFP_STORAGE_SIZE 144
struct vfp_sigframe
unsigned long magic;
unsigned long size;
union vfp_state storage;
#endif /* CONFIG_VFP */
* Auxiliary signal frame. This saves stuff like FP state.
* The layout of this structure is not part of the user ABI,
* because the config options aren't. uc_regspace is really
* one of these.
struct aux_sigframe {
struct crunch_sigframe crunch;
struct iwmmxt_sigframe iwmmxt;
#if 0 && defined CONFIG_VFP /* Not yet saved. */
struct vfp_sigframe vfp;
/* Something that isn't a valid magic number for any coprocessor. */
unsigned long end_magic;
} __attribute__((__aligned__(8)));
#endif /* !_ASMARM_UCONTEXT_H */