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In order to explore the CESA unit through the OpenSSL, you have to use the
OpenSSL OCF cryptodev engine.By default the cryptodev engine will use the CESA
o Create a crypto device: mknod /dev/crypto c 10 70
o download openssl-0.9.8l (, then untar+unzip it.
o apply the patches (in the following order):
- openssl_ocf.patch: a patch from OCF for the OpenSSL cryptodev.
o copy from kernel crypto/ocf/cryptodev.h to FS /usr/include/crypto .
o Run: `./config --with-cryptodev shared `
o and compile ...('make' and 'make install')
o When the compilation is finished, copy the following files(from openssl root directory) to /lib:
you can run a speed test to make sure everything is working:
openssl speed -evp des3 -elapsed
Modify /dev/crypto to /dev/crypto_tmp so that the speed test will use
now software encryption.
Run again:
openssl speed -evp des3 -elapsed
Compare results.