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#ifndef ARCH_X86_CPU_H
#define ARCH_X86_CPU_H
struct cpu_model_info {
int vendor;
int family;
const char *model_names[16];
/* attempt to consolidate cpu attributes */
struct cpu_dev {
const char *c_vendor;
/* some have two possibilities for cpuid string */
const char *c_ident[2];
struct cpu_model_info c_models[4];
void (*c_early_init)(struct cpuinfo_x86 *);
void (*c_init)(struct cpuinfo_x86 *);
void (*c_identify)(struct cpuinfo_x86 *);
unsigned int (*c_size_cache)(struct cpuinfo_x86 *, unsigned int);
int c_x86_vendor;
#define cpu_dev_register(cpu_devX) \
static const struct cpu_dev *const __cpu_dev_##cpu_devX __used \
__attribute__((__section__(".x86_cpu_dev.init"))) = \
extern const struct cpu_dev *const __x86_cpu_dev_start[],
*const __x86_cpu_dev_end[];
extern void display_cacheinfo(struct cpuinfo_x86 *c);