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* Copyright 2004-2009 Analog Devices Inc.
* 2002 David McCullough <>
* Licensed under the GPL-2.
#ifndef __MMU_H
#define __MMU_H
struct sram_list_struct {
struct sram_list_struct *next;
void *addr;
size_t length;
typedef struct {
unsigned long end_brk;
unsigned long stack_start;
/* Points to the location in SDRAM where the L1 stack is normally
saved, or NULL if the stack is always in SDRAM. */
void *l1_stack_save;
struct sram_list_struct *sram_list;
unsigned long exec_fdpic_loadmap;
unsigned long interp_fdpic_loadmap;
unsigned long *page_rwx_mask;
} mm_context_t;