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/* Blackfin on-chip ROM API
* Copyright 2008 Analog Devices Inc.
* Licensed under the GPL-2 or later.
#ifndef __BFROM_H__
#define __BFROM_H__
#include <linux/types.h>
/* Possible syscontrol action flags */
#define SYSCTRL_READ 0x00000000 /* read registers */
#define SYSCTRL_WRITE 0x00000001 /* write registers */
#define SYSCTRL_SYSRESET 0x00000002 /* perform system reset */
#define SYSCTRL_CORERESET 0x00000004 /* perform core reset */
#define SYSCTRL_SOFTRESET 0x00000006 /* perform core and system reset */
#define SYSCTRL_VRCTL 0x00000010 /* read/write VR_CTL register */
#define SYSCTRL_EXTVOLTAGE 0x00000020 /* VDDINT supplied externally */
#define SYSCTRL_INTVOLTAGE 0x00000000 /* VDDINT generated by on-chip regulator */
#define SYSCTRL_OTPVOLTAGE 0x00000040 /* For Factory Purposes Only */
#define SYSCTRL_PLLCTL 0x00000100 /* read/write PLL_CTL register */
#define SYSCTRL_PLLDIV 0x00000200 /* read/write PLL_DIV register */
#define SYSCTRL_LOCKCNT 0x00000400 /* read/write PLL_LOCKCNT register */
#define SYSCTRL_PLLSTAT 0x00000800 /* read/write PLL_STAT register */
typedef struct ADI_SYSCTRL_VALUES {
uint16_t uwVrCtl;
uint16_t uwPllCtl;
uint16_t uwPllDiv;
uint16_t uwPllLockCnt;
uint16_t uwPllStat;
static uint32_t (* const bfrom_SysControl)(uint32_t action_flags, ADI_SYSCTRL_VALUES *power_settings, void *reserved) = (void *)0xEF000038;
/* We need a dedicated function since we need to screw with the stack pointer
* when resetting. The on-chip ROM will save/restore registers on the stack
* when doing a system reset, so the stack cannot be outside of the chip.
static inline void bfrom_SoftReset(void *new_stack)
while (1)
* We don't declare the SP as clobbered on purpose, since
* it confuses the heck out of the compiler, and this function
* never returns
__asm__ __volatile__(
"sp = %[stack];"
"jump (%[bfrom_syscontrol]);"
: : [bfrom_syscontrol] "p"(bfrom_SysControl),
[stack] "p"(new_stack)
/* OTP Functions */
static uint32_t (* const bfrom_OtpCommand)(uint32_t command, uint32_t value) = (void *)0xEF000018;
static uint32_t (* const bfrom_OtpRead)(uint32_t page, uint32_t flags, uint64_t *page_content) = (void *)0xEF00001A;
static uint32_t (* const bfrom_OtpWrite)(uint32_t page, uint32_t flags, uint64_t *page_content) = (void *)0xEF00001C;
/* otp command: defines for "command" */
#define OTP_INIT 0x00000001
#define OTP_CLOSE 0x00000002
/* otp read/write: defines for "flags" */
#define OTP_LOWER_HALF 0x00000000 /* select upper/lower 64-bit half (bit 0) */
#define OTP_UPPER_HALF 0x00000001
#define OTP_NO_ECC 0x00000010 /* do not use ECC */
#define OTP_LOCK 0x00000020 /* sets page protection bit for page */
#define OTP_CHECK_FOR_PREV_WRITE 0x00000080
/* Return values for all functions */
#define OTP_SUCCESS 0x00000000
#define OTP_MASTER_ERROR 0x001
#define OTP_WRITE_ERROR 0x003
#define OTP_READ_ERROR 0x005
#define OTP_ACC_VIO_ERROR 0x009
#define OTP_DATA_MULT_ERROR 0x011
#define OTP_ECC_MULT_ERROR 0x021
#define OTP_PREV_WR_ERROR 0x041
#define OTP_DATA_SB_WARN 0x100
#define OTP_ECC_SB_WARN 0x200