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# CAIF net configurations
menuconfig CAIF
tristate "CAIF support"
select CRC_CCITT
default n
The "Communication CPU to Application CPU Interface" (CAIF) is a packet
based connection-oriented MUX protocol developed by ST-Ericsson for use
with its modems. It is accessed from user space as sockets (PF_CAIF).
Say Y (or M) here if you build for a phone product (e.g. Android or
MeeGo ) that uses CAIF as transport, if unsure say N.
If you select to build it as module then CAIF_NETDEV also needs to be
built as modules. You will also need to say yes to any CAIF physical
devices that your platform requires.
See Documentation/networking/caif for a further explanation on how to
use and configure CAIF.
bool "Enable Debug"
depends on CAIF
default n
--- help ---
Enable the inclusion of debug code in the CAIF stack.
Be aware that doing this will impact performance.
If unsure say N.
tristate "CAIF GPRS Network device"
depends on CAIF
default CAIF
Say Y if you will be using a CAIF based GPRS network device.
This can be either built-in or a loadable module,
If you select to build it as a built-in then the main CAIF device must
also be a built-in.
If unsure say Y.