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* Copyright (C) 2010 Felix Fietkau <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#ifndef __RC_MINSTREL_HT_H
#define __RC_MINSTREL_HT_H
* The number of streams can be changed to 2 to reduce code
* size and memory footprint.
/* scaled fraction values */
#define MINSTREL_FRAC(val, div) (((val) << MINSTREL_SCALE) / div)
#define MINSTREL_TRUNC(val) ((val) >> MINSTREL_SCALE)
struct mcs_group {
u32 flags;
unsigned int streams;
unsigned int duration[MCS_GROUP_RATES];
extern const struct mcs_group minstrel_mcs_groups[];
struct minstrel_rate_stats {
/* current / last sampling period attempts/success counters */
unsigned int attempts, last_attempts;
unsigned int success, last_success;
/* total attempts/success counters */
u64 att_hist, succ_hist;
/* current throughput */
unsigned int cur_tp;
/* packet delivery probabilities */
unsigned int cur_prob, probability;
/* maximum retry counts */
unsigned int retry_count;
unsigned int retry_count_rtscts;
bool retry_updated;
u8 sample_skipped;
struct minstrel_mcs_group_data {
u8 index;
u8 column;
/* bitfield of supported MCS rates of this group */
u8 supported;
/* selected primary rates */
unsigned int max_tp_rate;
unsigned int max_tp_rate2;
unsigned int max_prob_rate;
/* MCS rate statistics */
struct minstrel_rate_stats rates[MCS_GROUP_RATES];
struct minstrel_ht_sta {
/* ampdu length (average, per sampling interval) */
unsigned int ampdu_len;
unsigned int ampdu_packets;
/* ampdu length (EWMA) */
unsigned int avg_ampdu_len;
/* best throughput rate */
unsigned int max_tp_rate;
/* second best throughput rate */
unsigned int max_tp_rate2;
/* best probability rate */
unsigned int max_prob_rate;
/* time of last status update */
unsigned long stats_update;
/* overhead time in usec for each frame */
unsigned int overhead;
unsigned int overhead_rtscts;
unsigned int total_packets;
unsigned int sample_packets;
/* tx flags to add for frames for this sta */
u32 tx_flags;
u8 sample_wait;
u8 sample_tries;
u8 sample_count;
u8 sample_slow;
/* current MCS group to be sampled */
u8 sample_group;
/* MCS rate group info and statistics */
struct minstrel_mcs_group_data groups[MINSTREL_MAX_STREAMS * MINSTREL_STREAM_GROUPS];
struct minstrel_ht_sta_priv {
union {
struct minstrel_ht_sta ht;
struct minstrel_sta_info legacy;
struct dentry *dbg_stats;
void *ratelist;
void *sample_table;
bool is_ht;
void minstrel_ht_add_sta_debugfs(void *priv, void *priv_sta, struct dentry *dir);
void minstrel_ht_remove_sta_debugfs(void *priv, void *priv_sta);