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Many thanks to:
- Markus Schroeder <> for information on the Bt848
and tuner programming and his control program xtvc.
- Martin Buck <> for his great Videotext
- Gerd Knorr <> for the MSP3400 support and the modular
I2C, tuner, ... support.
- MATRIX Vision for giving us 2 cards for free, which made support of
single crystal operation possible.
- MIRO for providing a free PCTV card and detailed information about the
components on their cards. (E.g. how the tuner type is detected)
Without their card I could not have debugged the NTSC mode.
- Hauppauge for telling how the sound input is selected and what components
they do and will use on their radio cards.
Also many thanks for faxing me the FM1216 data sheet.