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* Definitions for AUO-K190X framebuffer drivers
* Copyright (C) 2012 Heiko Stuebner <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
/* Controller standby command needs a param */
#define AUOK190X_QUIRK_STANDBYPARAM (1 << 0)
/* Controller standby is completely broken */
* Resolutions for the displays
#define AUOK190X_RESOLUTION_800_600 0
#define AUOK190X_RESOLUTION_1024_768 1
#define AUOK190X_RESOLUTION_600_800 4
#define AUOK190X_RESOLUTION_768_1024 5
* struct used by auok190x. board specific stuff comes from *board
struct auok190xfb_par {
struct fb_info *info;
struct auok190x_board *board;
struct regulator *regulator;
struct mutex io_lock;
struct delayed_work work;
wait_queue_head_t waitq;
int resolution;
int rotation;
int consecutive_threshold;
int update_cnt;
/* panel and controller informations */
int epd_type;
int panel_size_int;
int panel_size_float;
int panel_model;
int tcon_version;
int lut_version;
/* individual controller callbacks */
void (*update_partial)(struct auok190xfb_par *par, u16 y1, u16 y2);
void (*update_all)(struct auok190xfb_par *par);
bool (*need_refresh)(struct auok190xfb_par *par);
void (*init)(struct auok190xfb_par *par);
void (*recover)(struct auok190xfb_par *par);
int update_mode; /* mode to use for updates */
int last_mode; /* update mode last used */
int flash;
/* power management */
int autosuspend_delay;
bool standby;
bool manual_standby;
* Board specific platform-data
* @init: initialize the controller interface
* @cleanup: cleanup the controller interface
* @wait_for_rdy: wait until the controller is not busy anymore
* @set_ctl: change an interface control
* @set_hdb: write a value to the data register
* @get_hdb: read a value from the data register
* @setup_irq: method to setup the irq handling on the busy gpio
* @gpio_nsleep: sleep gpio
* @gpio_nrst: reset gpio
* @gpio_nbusy: busy gpio
* @resolution: one of the AUOK190X_RESOLUTION constants
* @rotation: rotation of the framebuffer
* @quirks: controller quirks to honor
* @fps: frames per second for defio
struct auok190x_board {
int (*init)(struct auok190xfb_par *);
void (*cleanup)(struct auok190xfb_par *);
int (*wait_for_rdy)(struct auok190xfb_par *);
void (*set_ctl)(struct auok190xfb_par *, unsigned char, u8);
void (*set_hdb)(struct auok190xfb_par *, u16);
u16 (*get_hdb)(struct auok190xfb_par *);
int (*setup_irq)(struct fb_info *);
int gpio_nsleep;
int gpio_nrst;
int gpio_nbusy;
int resolution;
int quirks;
int fps;