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* USB device controllers have lots of quirks. Use these macros in
* gadget drivers or other code that needs to deal with them, and which
* autoconfigures instead of using early binding to the hardware.
* This SHOULD eventually work like the ARM mach_is_*() stuff, driven by
* some config file that gets updated as new hardware is supported.
* (And avoiding all runtime comparisons in typical one-choice configs!)
* NOTE: some of these controller drivers may not be available yet.
* Some are available on 2.4 kernels; several are available, but not
* yet pushed in the 2.6 mainline tree.
#ifndef __GADGET_CHIPS_H
#define __GADGET_CHIPS_H
#include <linux/usb/gadget.h>
* NOTICE: the entries below are alphabetical and should be kept
* that way.
* Always be sure to add new entries to the correct position or
* accept the bashing later.
* If you have forgotten the alphabetical order let VIM/EMACS
* do that for you.
#define gadget_is_at91(g) (!strcmp("at91_udc", (g)->name))
#define gadget_is_goku(g) (!strcmp("goku_udc", (g)->name))
#define gadget_is_musbhdrc(g) (!strcmp("musb-hdrc", (g)->name))
#define gadget_is_net2280(g) (!strcmp("net2280", (g)->name))
#define gadget_is_pxa(g) (!strcmp("pxa25x_udc", (g)->name))
#define gadget_is_pxa27x(g) (!strcmp("pxa27x_udc", (g)->name))
* gadget_supports_altsettings - return true if altsettings work
* @gadget: the gadget in question
static inline bool gadget_supports_altsettings(struct usb_gadget *gadget)
/* PXA 21x/25x/26x has no altsettings at all */
if (gadget_is_pxa(gadget))
return false;
/* PXA 27x and 3xx have *broken* altsetting support */
if (gadget_is_pxa27x(gadget))
return false;
/* Everything else is *presumably* fine ... */
return true;
#endif /* __GADGET_CHIPS_H */