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obj-$(CONFIG_USB_DWC2) += dwc2.o
dwc2-y += core.o core_intr.o
# NOTE: This driver at present only implements the Host mode
# of the controller. The existing s3c-hsotg driver supports
# Peripheral mode, but only for the Samsung S3C platforms.
# There are plans to merge the s3c-hsotg driver with this
# driver in the near future to create a dual-role driver. Once
# that is done, Host mode will become an optional feature that
# is selected with a config option.
dwc2-y += hcd.o hcd_intr.o
dwc2-y += hcd_queue.o hcd_ddma.o
ifneq ($(CONFIG_PCI),)
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_DWC2) += dwc2_pci.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_DWC2) += dwc2_platform.o
dwc2_pci-y += pci.o
dwc2_platform-y += platform.o