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* vg468.h 1.11 1999/10/25 20:03:34
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* The initial developer of the original code is David A. Hinds
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* are Copyright (C) 1999 David A. Hinds. All Rights Reserved.
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#ifndef _LINUX_VG468_H
#define _LINUX_VG468_H
/* Special bit in I365_IDENT used for Vadem chip detection */
#define I365_IDENT_VADEM 0x08
/* Special definitions in I365_POWER */
#define VG468_VPP2_MASK 0x0c
#define VG468_VPP2_5V 0x04
#define VG468_VPP2_12V 0x08
/* Unique Vadem registers */
#define VG469_VSENSE 0x1f /* Card voltage sense */
#define VG469_VSELECT 0x2f /* Card voltage select */
#define VG468_CTL 0x38 /* Control register */
#define VG468_TIMER 0x39 /* Timer control */
#define VG468_MISC 0x3a /* Miscellaneous */
#define VG468_GPIO_CFG 0x3b /* GPIO configuration */
#define VG469_EXT_MODE 0x3c /* Extended mode register */
#define VG468_SELECT 0x3d /* Programmable chip select */
#define VG468_SELECT_CFG 0x3e /* Chip select configuration */
#define VG468_ATA 0x3f /* ATA control */
/* Flags for VG469_VSENSE */
#define VG469_VSENSE_A_VS1 0x01
#define VG469_VSENSE_A_VS2 0x02
#define VG469_VSENSE_B_VS1 0x04
#define VG469_VSENSE_B_VS2 0x08
/* Flags for VG469_VSELECT */
#define VG469_VSEL_VCC 0x03
#define VG469_VSEL_5V 0x00
#define VG469_VSEL_3V 0x03
#define VG469_VSEL_MAX 0x0c
#define VG469_VSEL_EXT_STAT 0x10
#define VG469_VSEL_EXT_BUS 0x20
#define VG469_VSEL_MIXED 0x40
#define VG469_VSEL_ISA 0x80
/* Flags for VG468_CTL */
#define VG468_CTL_SLOW 0x01 /* 600ns memory timing */
#define VG468_CTL_ASYNC 0x02 /* Asynchronous bus clocking */
#define VG468_CTL_TSSI 0x08 /* Tri-state some outputs */
#define VG468_CTL_DELAY 0x10 /* Card detect debounce */
#define VG468_CTL_INPACK 0x20 /* Obey INPACK signal? */
#define VG468_CTL_POLARITY 0x40 /* VCCEN polarity */
#define VG468_CTL_COMPAT 0x80 /* Compatibility stuff */
#define VG469_CTL_WS_COMPAT 0x04 /* Wait state compatibility */
#define VG469_CTL_STRETCH 0x10 /* LED stretch */
/* Flags for VG468_TIMER */
#define VG468_TIMER_ZEROPWR 0x10 /* Zero power control */
#define VG468_TIMER_SIGEN 0x20 /* Power up */
#define VG468_TIMER_STATUS 0x40 /* Activity timer status */
#define VG468_TIMER_RES 0x80 /* Timer resolution */
#define VG468_TIMER_MASK 0x0f /* Activity timer timeout */
/* Flags for VG468_MISC */
#define VG468_MISC_GPIO 0x04 /* General-purpose IO */
#define VG468_MISC_DMAWSB 0x08 /* DMA wait state control */
#define VG469_MISC_LEDENA 0x10 /* LED enable */
#define VG468_MISC_VADEMREV 0x40 /* Vadem revision control */
#define VG468_MISC_UNLOCK 0x80 /* Unique register lock */
/* Flags for VG469_EXT_MODE_A */
#define VG469_MODE_VPPST 0x03 /* Vpp steering control */
#define VG469_MODE_INT_SENSE 0x04 /* Internal voltage sense */
#define VG469_MODE_CABLE 0x08
#define VG469_MODE_COMPAT 0x10 /* i82365sl B or DF step */
#define VG469_MODE_TEST 0x20
#define VG469_MODE_RIO 0x40 /* Steer RIO to INTR? */
/* Flags for VG469_EXT_MODE_B */
#define VG469_MODE_B_3V 0x01 /* 3.3v for socket B */
#endif /* _LINUX_VG468_H */