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* ricoh.h 1.9 1999/10/25 20:03:34
* The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public License
* Version 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
* compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License
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* Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS"
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* the License for the specific language governing rights and
* limitations under the License.
* The initial developer of the original code is David A. Hinds
* <>. Portions created by David A. Hinds
* are Copyright (C) 1999 David A. Hinds. All Rights Reserved.
* Alternatively, the contents of this file may be used under the
* terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (the "GPL"), in which
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* under either the MPL or the GPL.
#ifndef _LINUX_RICOH_H
#define _LINUX_RICOH_H
#define RF5C_MODE_CTL 0x1f /* Mode control */
#define RF5C_PWR_CTL 0x2f /* Mixed voltage control */
#define RF5C_CHIP_ID 0x3a /* Chip identification */
#define RF5C_MODE_CTL_3 0x3b /* Mode control 3 */
/* I/O window address offset */
#define RF5C_IO_OFF(w) (0x36+((w)<<1))
/* Flags for RF5C_MODE_CTL */
#define RF5C_MODE_ATA 0x01 /* ATA mode */
#define RF5C_MODE_LED_ENA 0x02 /* IRQ 12 is LED */
#define RF5C_MODE_CA21 0x04
#define RF5C_MODE_CA22 0x08
#define RF5C_MODE_CA23 0x10
#define RF5C_MODE_CA24 0x20
#define RF5C_MODE_CA25 0x40
#define RF5C_MODE_3STATE_BIT7 0x80
/* Flags for RF5C_PWR_CTL */
#define RF5C_PWR_VCC_3V 0x01
#define RF5C_PWR_IREQ_HIGH 0x02
#define RF5C_PWR_INPACK_ENA 0x04
#define RF5C_PWR_5V_DET 0x08
#define RF5C_PWR_TC_SEL 0x10 /* Terminal Count: irq 11 or 15 */
#define RF5C_PWR_DREQ_LOW 0x20
#define RF5C_PWR_DREQ_OFF 0x00 /* DREQ steering control */
#define RF5C_PWR_DREQ_INPACK 0x40
#define RF5C_PWR_DREQ_SPKR 0x80
#define RF5C_PWR_DREQ_IOIS16 0xc0
/* Values for RF5C_CHIP_ID */
#define RF5C_CHIP_RF5C296 0x32
#define RF5C_CHIP_RF5C396 0xb2
/* Flags for RF5C_MODE_CTL_3 */
#define RF5C_MCTL3_DISABLE 0x01 /* Disable PCMCIA interface */
#define RF5C_MCTL3_DMA_ENA 0x02
/* Register definitions for Ricoh PCI-to-CardBus bridges */
/* Extra bits in CB_BRIDGE_CONTROL */
#define RL5C46X_BCR_3E0_ENA 0x0800
#define RL5C46X_BCR_3E2_ENA 0x1000
/* Bridge Configuration Register */
#define RL5C4XX_CONFIG 0x80 /* 16 bit */
#define RL5C4XX_CONFIG_IO_1_MODE 0x0200
#define RL5C4XX_CONFIG_IO_0_MODE 0x0100
#define RL5C4XX_CONFIG_PREFETCH 0x0001
/* Misc Control Register */
#define RL5C4XX_MISC 0x0082 /* 16 bit */
#define RL5C4XX_MISC_HW_SUSPEND_ENA 0x0002
#define RL5C4XX_MISC_VCCEN_POL 0x0100
#define RL5C4XX_MISC_VPPEN_POL 0x0200
#define RL5C46X_MISC_SUSPEND 0x0001
#define RL5C46X_MISC_PWR_SAVE_2 0x0004
#define RL5C46X_MISC_IFACE_BUSY 0x0008
#define RL5C46X_MISC_B_LOCK 0x0010
#define RL5C46X_MISC_A_LOCK 0x0020
#define RL5C46X_MISC_PCI_LOCK 0x0040
#define RL5C47X_MISC_IFACE_BUSY 0x0004
#define RL5C47X_MISC_PCI_INT_MASK 0x0018
#define RL5C47X_MISC_PCI_INT_DIS 0x0020
#define RL5C47X_MISC_SUBSYS_WR 0x0040
#define RL5C47X_MISC_SRIRQ_ENA 0x0080
#define RL5C47X_MISC_5V_DISABLE 0x0400
#define RL5C47X_MISC_LED_POL 0x0800
/* 16-bit Interface Control Register */
#define RL5C4XX_16BIT_CTL 0x0084 /* 16 bit */
#define RL5C4XX_16CTL_IO_TIMING 0x0100
#define RL5C4XX_16CTL_MEM_TIMING 0x0200
#define RL5C46X_16CTL_LEVEL_1 0x0010
#define RL5C46X_16CTL_LEVEL_2 0x0020
/* 16-bit IO and memory timing registers */
#define RL5C4XX_16BIT_IO_0 0x0088 /* 16 bit */
#define RL5C4XX_16BIT_MEM_0 0x008a /* 16 bit */
#define RL5C4XX_SETUP_MASK 0x0007
#define RL5C4XX_CMD_MASK 0x01f0
#define RL5C4XX_CMD_SHIFT 4
#define RL5C4XX_HOLD_MASK 0x1c00
#define RL5C4XX_HOLD_SHIFT 10
#define RL5C4XX_MISC_CONTROL 0x2F /* 8 bit */
#define RL5C4XX_ZV_ENABLE 0x08
#ifdef __YENTA_H
#define rl_misc(socket) ((socket)->private[0])
#define rl_ctl(socket) ((socket)->private[1])
#define rl_io(socket) ((socket)->private[2])
#define rl_mem(socket) ((socket)->private[3])
#define rl_config(socket) ((socket)->private[4])
static void ricoh_zoom_video(struct pcmcia_socket *sock, int onoff)
u8 reg;
struct yenta_socket *socket = container_of(sock, struct yenta_socket, socket);
reg = config_readb(socket, RL5C4XX_MISC_CONTROL);
if (onoff)
/* Zoom zoom, we will all go together, zoom zoom, zoom zoom */
reg &= ~RL5C4XX_ZV_ENABLE;
config_writeb(socket, RL5C4XX_MISC_CONTROL, reg);
static void ricoh_set_zv(struct yenta_socket *socket)
if(socket->dev->vendor == PCI_VENDOR_ID_RICOH)
/* There may be more .. */
socket->socket.zoom_video = ricoh_zoom_video;
static void ricoh_save_state(struct yenta_socket *socket)
rl_misc(socket) = config_readw(socket, RL5C4XX_MISC);
rl_ctl(socket) = config_readw(socket, RL5C4XX_16BIT_CTL);
rl_io(socket) = config_readw(socket, RL5C4XX_16BIT_IO_0);
rl_mem(socket) = config_readw(socket, RL5C4XX_16BIT_MEM_0);
rl_config(socket) = config_readw(socket, RL5C4XX_CONFIG);
static void ricoh_restore_state(struct yenta_socket *socket)
config_writew(socket, RL5C4XX_MISC, rl_misc(socket));
config_writew(socket, RL5C4XX_16BIT_CTL, rl_ctl(socket));
config_writew(socket, RL5C4XX_16BIT_IO_0, rl_io(socket));
config_writew(socket, RL5C4XX_16BIT_MEM_0, rl_mem(socket));
config_writew(socket, RL5C4XX_CONFIG, rl_config(socket));
* Magic Ricoh initialization code..
static int ricoh_override(struct yenta_socket *socket)
u16 config, ctl;
config = config_readw(socket, RL5C4XX_CONFIG);
/* Set the default timings, don't trust the original values */
if(socket->dev->device < PCI_DEVICE_ID_RICOH_RL5C475) {
ctl |= RL5C46X_16CTL_LEVEL_1 | RL5C46X_16CTL_LEVEL_2;
} else {
config_writew(socket, RL5C4XX_16BIT_CTL, ctl);
config_writew(socket, RL5C4XX_CONFIG, config);
return 0;
#endif /* CONFIG_CARDBUS */
#endif /* _LINUX_RICOH_H */