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#ifndef LYNX_HW750_H__
#define LYNX_HW750_H__
#define DEFAULT_SM750_CHIP_CLOCK 290
#define SM750LE_REVISION_ID (unsigned char)0xfe
enum sm750_pnltype{
sm750_24TFT = 0,/* 24bit tft */
sm750_dualTFT = 2,/* dual 18 bit tft */
sm750_doubleTFT = 1,/* 36 bit double pixel tft */
/* vga channel is not concerned */
enum sm750_dataflow{
sm750_simul_pri,/* primary => all head */
sm750_simul_sec,/* secondary => all head */
sm750_dual_normal,/* primary => panel head and secondary => crt */
sm750_dual_swap,/* primary => crt head and secondary => panel */
enum sm750_channel{
sm750_primary = 0,
/* enum value equal to the register filed data */
sm750_secondary = 1,
enum sm750_path{
sm750_panel = 1,
sm750_crt = 2,
sm750_pnc = 3,/* panel and crt */
struct init_status{
ushort powerMode;
/* below three clocks are in unit of MHZ*/
ushort chip_clk;
ushort mem_clk;
ushort master_clk;
ushort setAllEngOff;
ushort resetMemory;
struct sm750_state{
struct init_status initParm;
enum sm750_pnltype pnltype;
enum sm750_dataflow dataflow;
int nocrt;
int xLCD;
int yLCD;
/* sm750_share stands for a presentation of two frame buffer
that use one sm750 adaptor, it is similiar to the super class of lynx_share
in C++
struct sm750_share{
/* it's better to put lynx_share struct to the first place of sm750_share */
struct lynx_share share;
struct sm750_state state;
int hwCursor;
/* 0: no hardware cursor
1: primary crtc hw cursor enabled,
2: secondary crtc hw cursor enabled
3: both ctrc hw cursor enabled
int hw_sm750_map(struct lynx_share* share,struct pci_dev* pdev);
int hw_sm750_inithw(struct lynx_share*,struct pci_dev *);
void hw_sm750_initAccel(struct lynx_share *);
int hw_sm750_deWait(void);
int hw_sm750le_deWait(void);
resource_size_t hw_sm750_getVMSize(struct lynx_share *);
int hw_sm750_output_checkMode(struct lynxfb_output*,struct fb_var_screeninfo*);
int hw_sm750_output_setMode(struct lynxfb_output*,struct fb_var_screeninfo*,struct fb_fix_screeninfo*);
int hw_sm750_crtc_checkMode(struct lynxfb_crtc*,struct fb_var_screeninfo*);
int hw_sm750_crtc_setMode(struct lynxfb_crtc*,struct fb_var_screeninfo*,struct fb_fix_screeninfo*);
int hw_sm750_setColReg(struct lynxfb_crtc*,ushort,ushort,ushort,ushort);
int hw_sm750_setBLANK(struct lynxfb_output*,int);
int hw_sm750le_setBLANK(struct lynxfb_output*,int);
void hw_sm750_crtc_clear(struct lynxfb_crtc*);
void hw_sm750_output_clear(struct lynxfb_output*);
int hw_sm750_pan_display(struct lynxfb_crtc *crtc,
const struct fb_var_screeninfo *var,
const struct fb_info *info);