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* Transactional memory support routines to reclaim and recheckpoint
* transactional process state.
* Copyright 2012 Matt Evans & Michael Neuling, IBM Corporation.
#include <uapi/asm/tm.h>
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
extern void do_load_up_transact_fpu(struct thread_struct *thread);
extern void do_load_up_transact_altivec(struct thread_struct *thread);
extern void tm_enable(void);
extern void tm_reclaim(struct thread_struct *thread,
unsigned long orig_msr, uint8_t cause);
extern void tm_reclaim_current(uint8_t cause);
extern void tm_recheckpoint(struct thread_struct *thread,
unsigned long orig_msr);
extern void tm_abort(uint8_t cause);
extern void tm_save_sprs(struct thread_struct *thread);
extern void tm_restore_sprs(struct thread_struct *thread);
#endif /* __ASSEMBLY__ */