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* This file describes the structure passed from the BootX application
* (for MacOS) when it is used to boot Linux.
* Written by Benjamin Herrenschmidt.
#ifndef __ASM_BOOTX_H__
#define __ASM_BOOTX_H__
#include <uapi/asm/bootx.h>
/* (*) The format of the colormap is 256 * 3 * 2 bytes. Each color index
* is represented by 3 short words containing a 16 bits (unsigned) color
* component. Later versions may contain the gamma table for direct-color
* devices here.
/* BootX passes the device-tree using a format that comes from earlier
* ppc32 kernels. This used to match what is in prom.h, but not anymore
* so we now define it here
struct bootx_dt_prop {
u32 name;
int length;
u32 value;
u32 next;
struct bootx_dt_node {
u32 unused0;
u32 unused1;
u32 phandle; /* not really available */
u32 unused2;
u32 unused3;
u32 unused4;
u32 unused5;
u32 full_name;
u32 properties;
u32 parent;
u32 child;
u32 sibling;
u32 next;
u32 allnext;
extern void bootx_init(unsigned long r4, unsigned long phys);