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* Audio support data for ISDN4Linux.
* Copyright 2002/2003 by Andreas Eversberg (
* This software may be used and distributed according to the terms
* of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.
#define DEBUG_DSP_CTRL 0x0001
#define DEBUG_DSP_CORE 0x0002
#define DEBUG_DSP_DTMF 0x0004
#define DEBUG_DSP_CMX 0x0010
#define DEBUG_DSP_TONE 0x0020
#define DEBUG_DSP_BLOWFISH 0x0040
#define DEBUG_DSP_DELAY 0x0100
#define DEBUG_DSP_CLOCK 0x0200
#define DEBUG_DSP_DTMFCOEFF 0x8000 /* heavy output */
/* options may be:
* bit 0 = use ulaw instead of alaw
* bit 1 = enable hfc hardware acceleration for all channels
#define DSP_OPT_ULAW (1 << 0)
#define DSP_OPT_NOHARDWARE (1 << 1)
#include <linux/timer.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
#include "dsp_ecdis.h"
extern int dsp_options;
extern int dsp_debug;
extern int dsp_poll;
extern int dsp_tics;
extern spinlock_t dsp_lock;
extern struct work_struct dsp_workq;
extern u32 dsp_poll_diff; /* calculated fix-comma corrected poll value */
* audio stuff *
extern s32 dsp_audio_alaw_to_s32[256];
extern s32 dsp_audio_ulaw_to_s32[256];
extern s32 *dsp_audio_law_to_s32;
extern u8 dsp_audio_s16_to_law[65536];
extern u8 dsp_audio_alaw_to_ulaw[256];
extern u8 dsp_audio_mix_law[65536];
extern u8 dsp_audio_seven2law[128];
extern u8 dsp_audio_law2seven[256];
extern void dsp_audio_generate_law_tables(void);
extern void dsp_audio_generate_s2law_table(void);
extern void dsp_audio_generate_seven(void);
extern void dsp_audio_generate_mix_table(void);
extern void dsp_audio_generate_ulaw_samples(void);
extern void dsp_audio_generate_volume_changes(void);
extern u8 dsp_silence;
* cmx stuff *
#define MAX_POLL 256 /* maximum number of send-chunks */
#define CMX_BUFF_SIZE 0x8000 /* must be 2**n (0x1000 about 1/2 second) */
#define CMX_BUFF_HALF 0x4000 /* CMX_BUFF_SIZE / 2 */
#define CMX_BUFF_MASK 0x7fff /* CMX_BUFF_SIZE - 1 */
/* how many seconds will we check the lowest delay until the jitter buffer
is reduced by that delay */
extern struct timer_list dsp_spl_tl;
/* the datatype need to match jiffies datatype */
extern unsigned long dsp_spl_jiffies;
/* the structure of conferences:
* each conference has a unique number, given by user space.
* the conferences are linked in a chain.
* each conference has members linked in a chain.
* each dsplayer points to a member, each member points to a dsplayer.
/* all members within a conference (this is linked 1:1 with the dsp) */
struct dsp;
struct dsp_conf_member {
struct list_head list;
struct dsp *dsp;
/* the list of all conferences */
struct dsp_conf {
struct list_head list;
u32 id;
/* all cmx stacks with the same ID are
connected */
struct list_head mlist;
int software; /* conf is processed by software */
int hardware; /* conf is processed by hardware */
/* note: if both unset, has only one member */
* DTMF stuff *
#define DSP_DTMF_NPOINTS 102
#define ECHOCAN_BUFF_SIZE 0x400 /* must be 2**n */
#define ECHOCAN_BUFF_MASK 0x3ff /* -1 */
struct dsp_dtmf {
int enable; /* dtmf is enabled */
int treshold; /* above this is dtmf (square of) */
int software; /* dtmf uses software decoding */
int hardware; /* dtmf uses hardware decoding */
int size; /* number of bytes in buffer */
signed short buffer[DSP_DTMF_NPOINTS];
/* buffers one full dtmf frame */
u8 lastwhat, lastdigit;
int count;
u8 digits[16]; /* dtmf result */
* pipeline stuff *
struct dsp_pipeline {
rwlock_t lock;
struct list_head list;
int inuse;
* tones stuff *
struct dsp_tone {
int software; /* tones are generated by software */
int hardware; /* tones are generated by hardware */
int tone;
void *pattern;
int count;
int index;
struct timer_list tl;
* echo stuff *
struct dsp_echo {
int software; /* echo is generated by software */
int hardware; /* echo is generated by hardware */
* general stuff *
struct dsp {
struct list_head list;
struct mISDNchannel ch;
struct mISDNchannel *up;
unsigned char name[64];
int b_active;
struct dsp_echo echo;
int rx_disabled; /* what the user wants */
int rx_is_off; /* what the card is */
int tx_mix;
struct dsp_tone tone;
struct dsp_dtmf dtmf;
int tx_volume, rx_volume;
/* queue for sending frames */
struct work_struct workq;
struct sk_buff_head sendq;
int hdlc; /* if mode is hdlc */
int data_pending; /* currently an unconfirmed frame */
/* conference stuff */
u32 conf_id;
struct dsp_conf *conf;
struct dsp_conf_member
/* buffer stuff */
int rx_W; /* current write pos for data without timestamp */
int rx_R; /* current read pos for transmit clock */
int rx_init; /* if set, pointers will be adjusted first */
int tx_W; /* current write pos for transmit data */
int tx_R; /* current read pos for transmit clock */
u8 tx_buff[CMX_BUFF_SIZE];
u8 rx_buff[CMX_BUFF_SIZE];
int last_tx; /* if set, we transmitted last poll interval */
int cmx_delay; /* initial delay of buffers,
or 0 for dynamic jitter buffer */
int tx_dejitter; /* if set, dejitter tx buffer */
int tx_data; /* enables tx-data of CMX to upper layer */
/* hardware stuff */
struct dsp_features features;
int features_rx_off; /* set if rx_off is featured */
int features_fill_empty; /* set if fill_empty is featured */
int pcm_slot_rx; /* current PCM slot (or -1) */
int pcm_bank_rx;
int pcm_slot_tx;
int pcm_bank_tx;
int hfc_conf; /* unique id of current conference (or -1) */
/* encryption stuff */
int bf_enable;
u32 bf_p[18];
u32 bf_s[1024];
int bf_crypt_pos;
u8 bf_data_in[9];
u8 bf_crypt_out[9];
int bf_decrypt_in_pos;
int bf_decrypt_out_pos;
u8 bf_crypt_inring[16];
u8 bf_data_out[9];
int bf_sync;
struct dsp_pipeline
/* functions */
extern void dsp_change_volume(struct sk_buff *skb, int volume);
extern struct list_head dsp_ilist;
extern struct list_head conf_ilist;
extern void dsp_cmx_debug(struct dsp *dsp);
extern void dsp_cmx_hardware(struct dsp_conf *conf, struct dsp *dsp);
extern int dsp_cmx_conf(struct dsp *dsp, u32 conf_id);
extern void dsp_cmx_receive(struct dsp *dsp, struct sk_buff *skb);
extern void dsp_cmx_hdlc(struct dsp *dsp, struct sk_buff *skb);
extern void dsp_cmx_send(void *arg);
extern void dsp_cmx_transmit(struct dsp *dsp, struct sk_buff *skb);
extern int dsp_cmx_del_conf_member(struct dsp *dsp);
extern int dsp_cmx_del_conf(struct dsp_conf *conf);
extern void dsp_dtmf_goertzel_init(struct dsp *dsp);
extern void dsp_dtmf_hardware(struct dsp *dsp);
extern u8 *dsp_dtmf_goertzel_decode(struct dsp *dsp, u8 *data, int len,
int fmt);
extern int dsp_tone(struct dsp *dsp, int tone);
extern void dsp_tone_copy(struct dsp *dsp, u8 *data, int len);
extern void dsp_tone_timeout(void *arg);
extern void dsp_bf_encrypt(struct dsp *dsp, u8 *data, int len);
extern void dsp_bf_decrypt(struct dsp *dsp, u8 *data, int len);
extern int dsp_bf_init(struct dsp *dsp, const u8 *key, unsigned int keylen);
extern void dsp_bf_cleanup(struct dsp *dsp);
extern int dsp_pipeline_module_init(void);
extern void dsp_pipeline_module_exit(void);
extern int dsp_pipeline_init(struct dsp_pipeline *pipeline);
extern void dsp_pipeline_destroy(struct dsp_pipeline *pipeline);
extern int dsp_pipeline_build(struct dsp_pipeline *pipeline, const char *cfg);
extern void dsp_pipeline_process_tx(struct dsp_pipeline *pipeline, u8 *data,
int len);
extern void dsp_pipeline_process_rx(struct dsp_pipeline *pipeline, u8 *data,
int len, unsigned int txlen);