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* intel_mid_dma_regs.h - Intel MID DMA Drivers
* Copyright (C) 2008-10 Intel Corp
* Author: Vinod Koul <>
* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
* 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA.
* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#include <linux/dmaengine.h>
#include <linux/dmapool.h>
#include <linux/pci_ids.h>
#define REG_BIT0 0x00000001
#define REG_BIT8 0x00000100
#define INT_MASK_WE 0x8
#define UNMASK_INTR_REG(chan_num) \
((REG_BIT0 << chan_num) | (REG_BIT8 << chan_num))
#define MASK_INTR_REG(chan_num) (REG_BIT8 << chan_num)
#define ENABLE_CHANNEL(chan_num) \
((REG_BIT0 << chan_num) | (REG_BIT8 << chan_num))
#define DISABLE_CHANNEL(chan_num) \
(REG_BIT8 << chan_num)
/*DMA Registers*/
/*registers associated with channel programming*/
#define DMA_REG_SIZE 0x400
#define DMA_CH_SIZE 0x58
#define SAR 0x00 /* Source Address Register*/
#define DAR 0x08 /* Destination Address Register*/
#define LLP 0x10 /* Linked List Pointer Register*/
#define CTL_LOW 0x18 /* Control Register*/
#define CTL_HIGH 0x1C /* Control Register*/
#define CFG_LOW 0x40 /* Configuration Register Low*/
#define CFG_HIGH 0x44 /* Configuration Register high*/
#define STATUS_TFR 0x2E8
#define STATUS_BLOCK 0x2F0
#define STATUS_ERR 0x308
#define RAW_TFR 0x2C0
#define RAW_BLOCK 0x2C8
#define RAW_ERR 0x2E0
#define MASK_TFR 0x310
#define MASK_BLOCK 0x318
#define MASK_SRC_TRAN 0x320
#define MASK_DST_TRAN 0x328
#define MASK_ERR 0x330
#define CLEAR_TFR 0x338
#define CLEAR_BLOCK 0x340
#define CLEAR_SRC_TRAN 0x348
#define CLEAR_DST_TRAN 0x350
#define CLEAR_ERR 0x358
#define INTR_STATUS 0x360
#define DMA_CFG 0x398
#define DMA_CHAN_EN 0x3A0
/*DMA channel control registers*/
union intel_mid_dma_ctl_lo {
struct {
u32 int_en:1; /*enable or disable interrupts*/
/*should be 0*/
u32 dst_tr_width:3; /*destination transfer width*/
/*usually 32 bits = 010*/
u32 src_tr_width:3; /*source transfer width*/
/*usually 32 bits = 010*/
u32 dinc:2; /*destination address inc/dec*/
/*For mem:INC=00, Periphral NoINC=11*/
u32 sinc:2; /*source address inc or dec, as above*/
u32 dst_msize:3; /*destination burst transaction length*/
/*always = 16 ie 011*/
u32 src_msize:3; /*source burst transaction length*/
/*always = 16 ie 011*/
u32 reser1:3;
u32 tt_fc:3; /*transfer type and flow controller*/
/*M-M = 000
P-M = 010
M-P = 001*/
u32 dms:2; /*destination master select = 0*/
u32 sms:2; /*source master select = 0*/
u32 llp_dst_en:1; /*enable/disable destination LLP = 0*/
u32 llp_src_en:1; /*enable/disable source LLP = 0*/
u32 reser2:3;
} ctlx;
u32 ctl_lo;
union intel_mid_dma_ctl_hi {
struct {
u32 block_ts:12; /*block transfer size*/
u32 done:1; /*Done - updated by DMAC*/
u32 reser:19; /*configured by DMAC*/
} ctlx;
u32 ctl_hi;
/*DMA channel configuration registers*/
union intel_mid_dma_cfg_lo {
struct {
u32 reser1:5;
u32 ch_prior:3; /*channel priority = 0*/
u32 ch_susp:1; /*channel suspend = 0*/
u32 fifo_empty:1; /*FIFO empty or not R bit = 0*/
u32 hs_sel_dst:1; /*select HW/SW destn handshaking*/
/*HW = 0, SW = 1*/
u32 hs_sel_src:1; /*select HW/SW src handshaking*/
u32 reser2:6;
u32 dst_hs_pol:1; /*dest HS interface polarity*/
u32 src_hs_pol:1; /*src HS interface polarity*/
u32 max_abrst:10; /*max AMBA burst len = 0 (no sw limit*/
u32 reload_src:1; /*auto reload src addr =1 if src is P*/
u32 reload_dst:1; /*AR destn addr =1 if dstn is P*/
} cfgx;
u32 cfg_lo;
union intel_mid_dma_cfg_hi {
struct {
u32 fcmode:1; /*flow control mode = 1*/
u32 fifo_mode:1; /*FIFO mode select = 1*/
u32 protctl:3; /*protection control = 0*/
u32 rsvd:2;
u32 src_per:4; /*src hw HS interface*/
u32 dst_per:4; /*dstn hw HS interface*/
u32 reser2:17;
} cfgx;
u32 cfg_hi;
* struct intel_mid_dma_chan - internal mid representation of a DMA channel
* @chan: dma_chan strcture represetation for mid chan
* @ch_regs: MMIO register space pointer to channel register
* @dma_base: MMIO register space DMA engine base pointer
* @ch_id: DMA channel id
* @lock: channel spinlock
* @active_list: current active descriptors
* @queue: current queued up descriptors
* @free_list: current free descriptors
* @slave: dma slave structure
* @descs_allocated: total number of descriptors allocated
* @dma: dma device structure pointer
* @busy: bool representing if ch is busy (active txn) or not
* @in_use: bool representing if ch is in use or not
* @raw_tfr: raw trf interrupt received
* @raw_block: raw block interrupt received
struct intel_mid_dma_chan {
struct dma_chan chan;
void __iomem *ch_regs;
void __iomem *dma_base;
int ch_id;
spinlock_t lock;
struct list_head active_list;
struct list_head queue;
struct list_head free_list;
unsigned int descs_allocated;
struct middma_device *dma;
bool busy;
bool in_use;
u32 raw_tfr;
u32 raw_block;
struct intel_mid_dma_slave *mid_slave;
static inline struct intel_mid_dma_chan *to_intel_mid_dma_chan(
struct dma_chan *chan)
return container_of(chan, struct intel_mid_dma_chan, chan);
enum intel_mid_dma_state {
* struct middma_device - internal representation of a DMA device
* @pdev: PCI device
* @dma_base: MMIO register space pointer of DMA
* @dma_pool: for allocating DMA descriptors
* @common: embedded struct dma_device
* @tasklet: dma tasklet for processing interrupts
* @ch: per channel data
* @pci_id: DMA device PCI ID
* @intr_mask: Interrupt mask to be used
* @mask_reg: MMIO register for periphral mask
* @chan_base: Base ch index (read from driver data)
* @max_chan: max number of chs supported (from drv_data)
* @block_size: Block size of DMA transfer supported (from drv_data)
* @pimr_mask: MMIO register addr for periphral interrupt (from drv_data)
* @state: dma PM device state
struct middma_device {
struct pci_dev *pdev;
void __iomem *dma_base;
struct pci_pool *dma_pool;
struct dma_device common;
struct tasklet_struct tasklet;
struct intel_mid_dma_chan ch[MAX_CHAN];
unsigned int pci_id;
unsigned int intr_mask;
void __iomem *mask_reg;
int chan_base;
int max_chan;
int block_size;
unsigned int pimr_mask;
enum intel_mid_dma_state state;
static inline struct middma_device *to_middma_device(struct dma_device *common)
return container_of(common, struct middma_device, common);
struct intel_mid_dma_desc {
void __iomem *block; /*ch ptr*/
struct list_head desc_node;
struct dma_async_tx_descriptor txd;
size_t len;
dma_addr_t sar;
dma_addr_t dar;
u32 cfg_hi;
u32 cfg_lo;
u32 ctl_lo;
u32 ctl_hi;
struct pci_pool *lli_pool;
struct intel_mid_dma_lli *lli;
dma_addr_t lli_phys;
unsigned int lli_length;
unsigned int current_lli;
dma_addr_t next;
enum dma_transfer_direction dirn;
enum dma_status status;
enum dma_slave_buswidth width; /*width of DMA txn*/
enum intel_mid_dma_mode cfg_mode; /*mode configuration*/
struct intel_mid_dma_lli {
dma_addr_t sar;
dma_addr_t dar;
dma_addr_t llp;
u32 ctl_lo;
u32 ctl_hi;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
static inline int test_ch_en(void __iomem *dma, u32 ch_no)
u32 en_reg = ioread32(dma + DMA_CHAN_EN);
return (en_reg >> ch_no) & 0x1;
static inline struct intel_mid_dma_desc *to_intel_mid_dma_desc
(struct dma_async_tx_descriptor *txd)
return container_of(txd, struct intel_mid_dma_desc, txd);
static inline struct intel_mid_dma_slave *to_intel_mid_dma_slave
(struct dma_slave_config *slave)
return container_of(slave, struct intel_mid_dma_slave, dma_slave);
int dma_resume(struct device *dev);
#endif /*__INTEL_MID_DMAC_REGS_H__*/