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* Driver for the NXP ISP1760 chip
* Copyright 2014 Laurent Pinchart
* Copyright 2007 Sebastian Siewior
* Contacts:
* Sebastian Siewior <>
* Laurent Pinchart <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
#ifndef _ISP1760_CORE_H_
#define _ISP1760_CORE_H_
#include <linux/ioport.h>
#include "isp1760-hcd.h"
#include "isp1760-udc.h"
struct device;
struct gpio_desc;
* Device flags that can vary from board to board. All of these
* indicate the most "atypical" case, so that a devflags of 0 is
* a sane default configuration.
#define ISP1760_FLAG_BUS_WIDTH_16 0x00000002 /* 16-bit data bus width */
#define ISP1760_FLAG_OTG_EN 0x00000004 /* Port 1 supports OTG */
#define ISP1760_FLAG_ANALOG_OC 0x00000008 /* Analog overcurrent */
#define ISP1760_FLAG_DACK_POL_HIGH 0x00000010 /* DACK active high */
#define ISP1760_FLAG_DREQ_POL_HIGH 0x00000020 /* DREQ active high */
#define ISP1760_FLAG_ISP1761 0x00000040 /* Chip is ISP1761 */
#define ISP1760_FLAG_INTR_POL_HIGH 0x00000080 /* Interrupt polarity active high */
#define ISP1760_FLAG_INTR_EDGE_TRIG 0x00000100 /* Interrupt edge triggered */
struct isp1760_device {
struct device *dev;
void __iomem *regs;
unsigned int devflags;
struct gpio_desc *rst_gpio;
struct isp1760_hcd hcd;
struct isp1760_udc udc;
int isp1760_register(struct resource *mem, int irq, unsigned long irqflags,
struct device *dev, unsigned int devflags);
void isp1760_unregister(struct device *dev);
void isp1760_set_pullup(struct isp1760_device *isp, bool enable);
static inline u32 isp1760_read32(void __iomem *base, u32 reg)
return readl(base + reg);
static inline void isp1760_write32(void __iomem *base, u32 reg, u32 val)
writel(val, base + reg);