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#ifndef LYNXDRV_H_
#define LYNXDRV_H_
#define FB_ACCEL_SMI 0xab
#define MHZ(x) ((x) * 1000000)
#define DEFAULT_SM750_CHIP_CLOCK 290
#define SM750LE_REVISION_ID ((unsigned char)0xfe)
enum sm750_pnltype {
sm750_24TFT = 0, /* 24bit tft */
sm750_dualTFT = 2, /* dual 18 bit tft */
sm750_doubleTFT = 1, /* 36 bit double pixel tft */
/* vga channel is not concerned */
enum sm750_dataflow {
sm750_simul_pri, /* primary => all head */
sm750_simul_sec, /* secondary => all head */
sm750_dual_normal, /* primary => panel head and secondary => crt */
sm750_dual_swap, /* primary => crt head and secondary => panel */
enum sm750_channel {
sm750_primary = 0,
/* enum value equal to the register filed data */
sm750_secondary = 1,
enum sm750_path {
sm750_panel = 1,
sm750_crt = 2,
sm750_pnc = 3, /* panel and crt */
struct init_status {
ushort powerMode;
/* below three clocks are in unit of MHZ*/
ushort chip_clk;
ushort mem_clk;
ushort master_clk;
ushort setAllEngOff;
ushort resetMemory;
struct lynx_accel {
/* base virtual address of DPR registers */
volatile unsigned char __iomem *dprBase;
/* base virtual address of de data port */
volatile unsigned char __iomem *dpPortBase;
/* function fointers */
void (*de_init)(struct lynx_accel *);
int (*de_wait)(void);/* see if hardware ready to work */
int (*de_fillrect)(struct lynx_accel *, u32, u32, u32, u32,
u32, u32, u32, u32, u32);
int (*de_copyarea)(struct lynx_accel *, u32, u32, u32, u32,
u32, u32, u32, u32,
u32, u32, u32, u32);
int (*de_imageblit)(struct lynx_accel *, const char *, u32, u32, u32, u32,
u32, u32, u32, u32,
u32, u32, u32, u32);
struct sm750_dev {
/* common members */
u16 devid;
u8 revid;
struct pci_dev *pdev;
struct fb_info *fbinfo[2];
struct lynx_accel accel;
int accel_off;
int dual;
int mtrr_off;
int vram;
} mtrr;
/* all smi graphic adaptor got below attributes */
unsigned long vidmem_start;
unsigned long vidreg_start;
__u32 vidmem_size;
__u32 vidreg_size;
void __iomem *pvReg;
unsigned char __iomem *pvMem;
/* locks*/
spinlock_t slock;
struct init_status initParm;
enum sm750_pnltype pnltype;
enum sm750_dataflow dataflow;
int nocrt;
* 0: no hardware cursor
* 1: primary crtc hw cursor enabled,
* 2: secondary crtc hw cursor enabled
* 3: both ctrc hw cursor enabled
int hwCursor;
struct lynx_cursor {
/* cursor width ,height and size */
int w;
int h;
int size;
/* hardware limitation */
int maxW;
int maxH;
/* base virtual address and offset of cursor image */
char __iomem *vstart;
int offset;
/* mmio addr of hw cursor */
volatile char __iomem *mmio;
struct lynxfb_crtc {
unsigned char __iomem *vCursor; /* virtual address of cursor */
unsigned char __iomem *vScreen; /* virtual address of on_screen */
int oCursor; /* cursor address offset in vidmem */
int oScreen; /* onscreen address offset in vidmem */
int channel;/* which channel this crtc stands for*/
resource_size_t vidmem_size;/* this view's video memory max size */
/* below attributes belong to info->fix, their value depends on specific adaptor*/
u16 line_pad;/* padding information:0,1,2,4,8,16,... */
u16 xpanstep;
u16 ypanstep;
u16 ywrapstep;
void *priv;
/* cursor information */
struct lynx_cursor cursor;
struct lynxfb_output {
int dpms;
int paths;
/* which paths(s) this output stands for,for sm750:
paths=1:means output for panel paths
paths=2:means output for crt paths
paths=3:means output for both panel and crt paths
int *channel;
/* which channel these outputs linked with,for sm750:
*channel=0 means primary channel
*channel=1 means secondary channel
output->channel ==> &crtc->channel
void *priv;
int (*proc_setBLANK)(struct lynxfb_output*, int);
struct lynxfb_par {
/* either 0 or 1 for dual head adaptor,0 is the older one registered */
int index;
unsigned int pseudo_palette[256];
struct lynxfb_crtc crtc;
struct lynxfb_output output;
struct fb_info *info;
struct sm750_dev *dev;
static inline unsigned long ps_to_hz(unsigned int psvalue)
unsigned long long numerator = 1000*1000*1000*1000ULL;
/* 10^12 / picosecond period gives frequency in Hz */
do_div(numerator, psvalue);
return (unsigned long)numerator;
int hw_sm750_map(struct sm750_dev *sm750_dev, struct pci_dev *pdev);
int hw_sm750_inithw(struct sm750_dev*, struct pci_dev *);
void hw_sm750_initAccel(struct sm750_dev *);
int hw_sm750_deWait(void);
int hw_sm750le_deWait(void);
int hw_sm750_output_setMode(struct lynxfb_output*, struct fb_var_screeninfo*,
struct fb_fix_screeninfo*);
int hw_sm750_crtc_checkMode(struct lynxfb_crtc*, struct fb_var_screeninfo*);
int hw_sm750_crtc_setMode(struct lynxfb_crtc*, struct fb_var_screeninfo*,
struct fb_fix_screeninfo*);
int hw_sm750_setColReg(struct lynxfb_crtc*, ushort, ushort, ushort, ushort);
int hw_sm750_setBLANK(struct lynxfb_output*, int);
int hw_sm750le_setBLANK(struct lynxfb_output*, int);
int hw_sm750_pan_display(struct lynxfb_crtc *crtc,
const struct fb_var_screeninfo *var,
const struct fb_info *info);