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# DVB device configuration
int "maximum number of DVB/ATSC adapters"
depends on DVB_CORE
default 8
range 1 255
Maximum number of DVB/ATSC adapters. Increasing this number
increases the memory consumption of the DVB subsystem even
if a much lower number of DVB/ATSC adapters is present.
Only values in the range 4-32 are tested.
If you are unsure about this, use the default value 8
bool "Dynamic DVB minor allocation"
depends on DVB_CORE
default n
If you say Y here, the DVB subsystem will use dynamic minor
allocation for any device that uses the DVB major number.
This means that you can have more than 4 of a single type
of device (like demuxes and frontends) per adapter, but udev
will be required to manage the device nodes.
If you are unsure about this, say N here.