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#ifndef _ASM_S390X_S390_H
#define _ASM_S390X_S390_H
#include <linux/compat.h>
#include <linux/socket.h>
#include <linux/syscalls.h>
/* Macro that masks the high order bit of an 32 bit pointer and converts it*/
/* to a 64 bit pointer */
#define A(__x) ((unsigned long)((__x) & 0x7FFFFFFFUL))
#define AA(__x) \
((unsigned long)(__x))
/* Now 32bit compatibility types */
struct ipc_kludge_32 {
__u32 msgp; /* pointer */
__s32 msgtyp;
/* asm/sigcontext.h */
typedef union
__u64 d;
__u32 f;
} freg_t32;
typedef struct
unsigned int fpc;
unsigned int pad;
freg_t32 fprs[__NUM_FPRS];
} _s390_fp_regs32;
typedef struct
__u32 mask;
__u32 addr;
} _psw_t32 __attribute__ ((aligned(8)));
typedef struct
_psw_t32 psw;
__u32 gprs[__NUM_GPRS];
__u32 acrs[__NUM_ACRS];
} _s390_regs_common32;
typedef struct
_s390_regs_common32 regs;
_s390_fp_regs32 fpregs;
} _sigregs32;
typedef struct
__u32 gprs_high[__NUM_GPRS];
__u64 vxrs_low[__NUM_VXRS_LOW];
__vector128 vxrs_high[__NUM_VXRS_HIGH];
__u8 __reserved[128];
} _sigregs_ext32;
#define _SIGCONTEXT_NSIG32 64
#define __SIGNAL_FRAMESIZE32 96
#define _SIGMASK_COPY_SIZE32 (sizeof(u32)*2)
struct sigcontext32
__u32 oldmask[_COMPAT_NSIG_WORDS];
__u32 sregs; /* pointer */
/* asm/signal.h */
/* asm/ucontext.h */
struct ucontext32 {
__u32 uc_flags;
__u32 uc_link; /* pointer */
compat_stack_t uc_stack;
_sigregs32 uc_mcontext;
compat_sigset_t uc_sigmask;
/* Allow for uc_sigmask growth. Glibc uses a 1024-bit sigset_t. */
unsigned char __unused[128 - sizeof(compat_sigset_t)];
_sigregs_ext32 uc_mcontext_ext;
struct stat64_emu31;
struct mmap_arg_struct_emu31;
struct fadvise64_64_args;
long compat_sys_s390_chown16(const char __user *filename, u16 user, u16 group);
long compat_sys_s390_lchown16(const char __user *filename, u16 user, u16 group);
long compat_sys_s390_fchown16(unsigned int fd, u16 user, u16 group);
long compat_sys_s390_setregid16(u16 rgid, u16 egid);
long compat_sys_s390_setgid16(u16 gid);
long compat_sys_s390_setreuid16(u16 ruid, u16 euid);
long compat_sys_s390_setuid16(u16 uid);
long compat_sys_s390_setresuid16(u16 ruid, u16 euid, u16 suid);
long compat_sys_s390_getresuid16(u16 __user *ruid, u16 __user *euid, u16 __user *suid);
long compat_sys_s390_setresgid16(u16 rgid, u16 egid, u16 sgid);
long compat_sys_s390_getresgid16(u16 __user *rgid, u16 __user *egid, u16 __user *sgid);
long compat_sys_s390_setfsuid16(u16 uid);
long compat_sys_s390_setfsgid16(u16 gid);
long compat_sys_s390_getgroups16(int gidsetsize, u16 __user *grouplist);
long compat_sys_s390_setgroups16(int gidsetsize, u16 __user *grouplist);
long compat_sys_s390_getuid16(void);
long compat_sys_s390_geteuid16(void);
long compat_sys_s390_getgid16(void);
long compat_sys_s390_getegid16(void);
long compat_sys_s390_truncate64(const char __user *path, u32 high, u32 low);
long compat_sys_s390_ftruncate64(unsigned int fd, u32 high, u32 low);
long compat_sys_s390_pread64(unsigned int fd, char __user *ubuf, compat_size_t count, u32 high, u32 low);
long compat_sys_s390_pwrite64(unsigned int fd, const char __user *ubuf, compat_size_t count, u32 high, u32 low);
long compat_sys_s390_readahead(int fd, u32 high, u32 low, s32 count);
long compat_sys_s390_stat64(const char __user *filename, struct stat64_emu31 __user *statbuf);
long compat_sys_s390_lstat64(const char __user *filename, struct stat64_emu31 __user *statbuf);
long compat_sys_s390_fstat64(unsigned int fd, struct stat64_emu31 __user *statbuf);
long compat_sys_s390_fstatat64(unsigned int dfd, const char __user *filename, struct stat64_emu31 __user *statbuf, int flag);
long compat_sys_s390_old_mmap(struct mmap_arg_struct_emu31 __user *arg);
long compat_sys_s390_mmap2(struct mmap_arg_struct_emu31 __user *arg);
long compat_sys_s390_read(unsigned int fd, char __user * buf, compat_size_t count);
long compat_sys_s390_write(unsigned int fd, const char __user * buf, compat_size_t count);
long compat_sys_s390_fadvise64(int fd, u32 high, u32 low, compat_size_t len, int advise);
long compat_sys_s390_fadvise64_64(struct fadvise64_64_args __user *args);
long compat_sys_s390_sync_file_range(int fd, u32 offhigh, u32 offlow, u32 nhigh, u32 nlow, unsigned int flags);
long compat_sys_s390_fallocate(int fd, int mode, u32 offhigh, u32 offlow, u32 lenhigh, u32 lenlow);
long compat_sys_sigreturn(void);
long compat_sys_rt_sigreturn(void);
#endif /* _ASM_S390X_S390_H */