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* Copyright (C) 2007 Jeff Dike (jdike@{addtoit,}.com)
* Licensed under the GPL
#ifndef __START_H__
#define __START_H__
#include <generated/asm-offsets.h>
* Stolen from linux/const.h, which can't be directly included since
* this is used in userspace code, which has no access to the kernel
* headers. Changed to be suitable for adding casts to the start,
* rather than "UL" to the end.
/* Some constant macros are used in both assembler and
* C code. Therefore we cannot annotate them always with
* 'UL' and other type specifiers unilaterally. We
* use the following macros to deal with this.
#ifdef __ASSEMBLY__
#define _UML_AC(X, Y) (Y)
#define __UML_AC(X, Y) (X(Y))
#define _UML_AC(X, Y) __UML_AC(X, Y)
#define STUB_START _UML_AC(, 0x100000)
#define STUB_CODE _UML_AC((unsigned long), STUB_START)
#define STUB_DATA _UML_AC((unsigned long), STUB_CODE + UM_KERN_PAGE_SIZE)
#define STUB_END _UML_AC((unsigned long), STUB_DATA + UM_KERN_PAGE_SIZE)
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
#include <sysdep/ptrace.h>
struct cpu_task {
int pid;
void *task;
extern struct cpu_task cpu_tasks[];
extern unsigned long high_physmem;
extern unsigned long uml_physmem;
extern unsigned long uml_reserved;
extern unsigned long end_vm;
extern unsigned long start_vm;
extern unsigned long long highmem;
extern unsigned long brk_start;
extern unsigned long host_task_size;
extern int linux_main(int argc, char **argv);
extern void uml_finishsetup(void);
struct siginfo;
extern void (*sig_info[])(int, struct siginfo *si, struct uml_pt_regs *);