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2012.02, Released February 29th, 2012:
Updated/fixed packages: libecore
2012.02-rc3, Released February 27th, 2012:
Fixes all over the tree.
Automatic host dependencies handling for cmake packages
fixed. Customize package deprecated as using a post-build
script is nowadays the preferred way of adding extra stuff to
the rootfs.
Linux-headers 3.0.x / 3.2.x stable version bumped.
QEMU defconfigs updated to 3.2.x kernels and readme fixed.
Updated/fixed packages: dropbear, ffmpeg, libpng
2012.02-rc2, Released February 19th, 2012:
Fixes all over the tree.
Toolchain: uClibc: Added upstream post-0.9.33 fixes, Bump
linux-headers 3.0.x / 3.2.x stable versions.
Documentation: Added makedev / <pkg>_DEVICES /
<pkg>_PERMISSIONS documentation.
Updated/fixed packages: busybox, ffmpeg, gst-dsp, libecore,
libvncserver, mxml, python.
2012.02-rc1, Released February 12th, 2012:
Fixes all over the tree and new features.
Toolchain: Default to GCC 4.5.x, add binutils 2.22. Java
support removed, Powerpc SPE ABI support. GDB ELF support fix,
GDB 7.4, crosstool-NG 1.13.4.
Gentargets: scp and mercurial support.
Autotools: derive host dependencies from target by default.
Packages can now declare device table snippets.
Host utilities menu with commonly used host tools.
defconfigs: qemu configs for x86-64, mips and sparc, at91
defconfigs now use modern U-Boot / mainline Linux, added
lpc3250 defconfigs.
uClibc: remove 0.9.30, backport unshare() support, add / 0.9.33, use same config for ctng.
Bootloaders: U-Boot: add 2011.12, remove 2010.xx versions,
Barebox: add 2012.01/02, remove 2011.10/11, LPC32xx
bootloaders added.
Various manual updates. Release tarballs now contain generated
manual in text/html/pdf formats.
Buildroot now calls the stop function of scripts in
/etc/init.d at shutdown.
Updated/fixed packages: atk, avahi, barebox, bash, beecrypt,
bind, binutils, bison, bluez_utils, bzip2, busybox, cairo,
ccache, cdrkit, coreutils, cramfs, dbus, dbus-glib, dialog,
diffutils, dmalloc, dropbear, e2fsprogs, ebtables, ed,
ethtool, expat, ffmpeg, file, fis, flex, fluxbox, fontconfig,
freetype, gawk, grep, gst-dsp, gst-ffmpeg, gst-plugins-base,
hdparm, hostapd, htop, i2c-tools, icu, iproute2, ipsec-tools,
ipset, iptables, iw, jpeg, kismet, lame, libcap, libcgi,
libev, libeXosip2, libffi, libftdi, libgpg-error, libgtk2,
libidn, libmms, libmnl, libmodbus, libnl, libogg, libosip,
libpcap, libpng, libraw1394, libroxml, libusb, libusb-compat,
libv4l, libvorbis, libxcb, libxml-parser-perl, libxslt,
lighttpd, links, lm-sensors, lua, m4, module-init-tools, mpc,
mesa3d, mpd, mpfr, mplayer, mtd-utils, nano, nbd, ncurses,
netperf, netsnmp, ntp, opencv, openocd, openssl, openvpn, orc,
pciutils, pcre, pixman, pkg-config, poco, popt, proftpd,
python, python-serial, qt, ruby, samba, sdl, sdparm,
squashfs3, sshfs, sqlite, squid, sudo, syslinux, tcl, tcpdump,
ti-utils, tiff, tremor, uboot, uboot-tools, udev, usbmount,
util-linux, vala, valgrind, vsftpd, wpa_supplicant,
xapp_xinput, xapp_xman, xcb-util, xdm, xenomai,
xf86-video-sis, xfont_{encodings,font-util},
xlib_libxkbfile, xterm, xutil_makedepend, yajl
New packages: boost, connman, dstat, expedite, explorercanvas,
feh, flot, giblib, igh-ethercat, imlib2, jquery,
jquery-sparklines, jquery-validation, jsmin, kmod, libecore,
libedbus, libedje, libeet, libeina, libelementary, libesmtp,
libethumb, libevas, libical, libmbus, liboauth, liburcu,
libvncserver, linux-firmware,
lttng-{babeltrace,libust,modules,tools}, NetworkManager,
open2300, python-distutilscross, python-dpkt,
python-netifaces, python-pygame, python-setuptools, rt-tests,
sam-ba, sane-backends, sqlcipher, transmission, unionfs,
xf86-input-tslib, xinput-calibrator
Issues resolved (
#743: Add Transmission bit torrent option to buildroot
#755: Add Boost libraries as a package
#2299: Add crypto support to libsoup
#2617: Pixman 0.19.2 & Cairo 1.10.0
#3403: libgpg-error: bump to version 1.10
#3409: libgpg-error: download from
#3421: nano: make tiny flag optional
#3691: New EFL packages
#4664: Cannot patch AT91Bootstrap
#4700: setlocalversion not working for combination svn/ubuntu 11.10...
#4760: Qt: add host-pkg-config to dependency-list
2011.11, Released November 30th, 2011:
Fixes all over the tree.
Bump kernel headers / default Linux version to 3.1.4.
Updated/fixed packages: ruby
2011.11-rc3, Released November 26th, 2011:
Fixes all over the tree.
Toolchain: Fix gdb dependencies for external toolchains,
adjust uClibc patches so they don't confuse modern versions of
patch, bump crosstool-ng, kernel headers and linux versions.
Updated/fixed packages: busybox, freetype, mplayer, opencv,
php, rsyslog, ruby, thttpd, xapp_xf86dga
Issues resolved (
#4357: Prevent patch commands from accessing source control
#4369: Fix permissions on untared lsof archive
2011.11-rc2, Released November 18th, 2011:
Fixes all over the tree and new features.
Updated asciidoc documentation
Toolchain: Bumped 3.x stable kernel headers, use wget in
crosstool-ng as well, bump crosstool-ng version, gdb fixes,
uClibc sparc fix.
Updated/fixed packages: distcc, file, gst-plugins-bad, libxcb,
mplayer, newt, qt, rpm, rrdtool, tar, tftpd
Issues resolved (
#3355: mplayer fails to build
#4021: uClibc: undefined reference to `__GI___errno_location'
#4297: Qt's qmake uses wrong pkg-config
2011.11-rc1, Released November 11th, 2011:
Fixes all over the tree and new features.
Moved misc scripts and support stuff to support/. Renamed to support/scripts/
Documentation: Moved to asciidoc format, make targets to
generate text/html/pdf/epub output added.
Defconfigs: Qemu configs updated to 3.1 kernel and readmes
Bootloaders: Add support for custom git tree / tarballs for
barebox, similar to how it's handled for u-boot. Clean up
menuconfig options.
Toolchain: Update external codesourcery toolchain download
URLs after Codesourcery got bought by Mentor, add x86
toolchain, update toolchain versions and optimize toolchain
sysroot copying. Fix uClibc 0.9.32 builds for e500 PPC,
updated GDB versions / download URLs. Binutils
libbfd/libopcodes static/dynamic linking fix. GCC 4.6.2 added,
use ctng-1.13.0.
Package infrastructure: Support for local packages /
overrides, package dir / name arguments dropped from
Linux: Kernel extensions infrastructure support, Xenomai +
RTAI support.
Updated/fixed packages: acpid, bind, busybox, dash, dbus,
dbus-glib, directfb, dnsmasq, drystone, e2fsprogs, ethtool,
fakeroot, fbdump, file, freetype, fuse, gamin, gmp, gmpc,
gnutls, gob2, gst-plugins-{base,bad,good,ugly}, gstreamer,
hostapd, ifplugd, imagemagick, intltool, ipsec-tools, ipset,
iptables, iw, jpeg, kexec, leafpad, less, libargtable2, libao,
libconfuse, libcuefile, libcurl, libdaemon, libevent,
libglib2, libiconv, libmpd, libreplaygain, libroxml,
libsamplerate, libsndfile, libsoup, libsvgtiny, libtool,
libxcb, lighttpd, links, linux-fusion, lite, lrzsz, lsof, lzo,
lzop, makedevs, mcookie, mpg123, mpd, mpfr, mtd, musepack,
mutt, mysql_client, ncftp, ncurses, neon, netcat, netsnmp,
ntfs-3g, ntfsprogs, ntp, openntpd, openssh, openssl, oprofile,
orc, pciutils, psmisc, python, qt, quagga, radvd, rpm, rsync,
samba, sawman, sdl_sound, smartmontools, sqlite, squid,
stunnel, sudo, sylpheed, sysstat, taglib, tar, tcpreplay,
tslib, usbutils, util-linux, valgrind, wget, whetstone, which,
wpa-supplicant, xdata_xcursor-themes, xmlstarlet, xterm
New packages: bluez-utils, cifs-utils, fftw, fluxbox, json-c,
libev, libftdi, libgeotiff, libmodbus, libplayer, live555,
ngrep, noip, opencv, openocd, picocom, poco, portaudio,
pulseaudio, pv, rtai, vala, xenomai.
Removed packages: liboil, sfdisk, swfdec, webif
Issues resolved (
#505: live555: new package
#507: Enable live and tv options in MPlayer-1.0rc2
#531: let e2fsprogs package to export headers to staging dir if needed
#1171: Linuxthreads new cannot find sysdep.h
#1357: Add bluez to buildroot system
#2107: New package: input-event-daemon
#2599: New package: orc (Oil Runtime Compiler)
#2605: gstreamer: Update to 0.10.30
#2677: introducing util-linux-ng as replacement for util-linux
#2917: Qt: Add declarative module
#3145: jffs2 image generation fails
#3271: netperf-2.4.5 fails to compile
#3331: xdata_xcursor-themes depends on xcursorgen
#3343: Add file:// download SITE_METHOD
#3391: Add support for specifying an external kernel tree
#3631: Error while compiling with Xorg
#3709: oprofile doesn't build for mipsel
#3925: midori not getting compile
#4045: Add support for downloading i386 toolchains from codesourcery
#4165: lrzsz-fix-symlink-at-rebuild.patch
#4171: makedevs-unused-but-set-variable.patch
#4183: Codesourcery toolchain download site has changed
#4231: undefined reference to `SSL_SESSION_cmp'
#4381: Add option to lighttpd to enable Lua support
#4387: Make sure that dest dir exists before installing mtd files
2011.08, Released August 31th, 2011:
Fixes all over the tree.
Toolchain: Fix codesourcery 2009q3 ARM download, Linux 3.0.4
kernel headers.
Updated/fixed packages: ipset, python
2011.08-rc2, Released August 29th, 2011:
Fixes all over the tree.
Toolchain: crosstool-NG 1.12.1, use binutils 2.21 on
mips/sh/older uClibc, disallow uClibc 0.9.32 on avr32/sh
Defconfigs: kernel updates, fix mini2440 serial port config,
remove old arm toolchain configs.
Bootloaders: Fix grub patching, add barebox-{n,x,menuconfig}
targets similar to linux/busybox.
Updated/fixed packages: barebox, directfb, libsoup,
libxml-parser-perl, mtd, ncurses, python, ti-utils, udev,
usbmount, util-linux, xfont_font-misc-misc
Issues resolved (
#3685: ncurses installation hangs due to old version of tic
#4093: Grub fails to install bz2 patch after conversion to...
2011.08-rc1, Released August 4th, 2011:
Fixes all over the tree and new features.
Toolchain: uClibc 0.9.32 / NPTL support, 0.9.29 removed,
ext-toolchain-wrapper improvements, improved non-MMU
support. GCC 4.3.6 / 4.6.1.
GENTARGETS infrastructure extended to cover bootloaders and
Linux kernel as well. Options to retrive Linux/U-Boot from a
custom git repo instead of upstream tarballs.
Support for Linux 3.x and release candidate tarballs.
X-Loader bootloader for omap added.
Make source/external-deps now also works for external
toolchains / crosstool-ng backend.
Updated/fixed packages: autoconf, berkeleydb, bind, binutils,
bmon, bridge-utils, busybox, cmake, dbus, dbus-glib,
e2fsprogs, ethtool, ffmpeg, gst-plugins-{bad,base,good,ugly},
gvfs, hostapd, iproute2, iptables, iw, jpeg, lame, libarchive,
libdnet, libdrm, libgcrypt, libgtk2, libmpeg2, libpng,
libsoup, lighttpd, linux-fusion, lzo, midori, mtd-utils,
nfs-utils, openvpn, oprofile, orc, pkg-config, proftpd, qt,
ruby, samba, sdl, shared-mime-info, sudo, sqlite, squid,
synergy, udev, usbmount, usbutils, util-linux, valgrind,
webkit, xorg-xserver, xz, zlib
New packages: acl, attr, ebtables, gnutls, inotify-tools,
ipset, libargtable2, libiqrf, libmnl, libnspr, libnss,
libroxml, libyaml, live555, mxml, orc, rsyslog, sredird,
statserial, stunnel, ti-utils, uboot-tools, yajl
Deprecated packages: liboil, swfdec
Removed packages: hal
Issues resolved (
#3559: libnspr: Add new package
#3595: patch to add libroxml
#3565: libnss: Add new package
#3583: xfonts_font-adobe-100dpi fails due to missing map file
#3649: [PATCH] Add mapdir to existing pkg-config patch
#3907: 2011.05 - Qt 4.7.3 not building on ARM
#3961: Nfs-utils: Remove SUSv3-function index
#3985: "help" target's defconfig list needs sort
#3997: bump libroxml to v2.1.0
2011.05, Released May 27th, 2011:
Updated/fixed packages: makedevs
2011.05-rc2, Released May 24th, 2011:
Fixes all over the tree.
Toolchain: Code sourcery ARM 2009q1 download URL fixed /
2009q3 external toolchains added. Crosstool-NG bumped to
1.11.3, eglic/glibc configuration fixes. Linux kernel 2.6.38.x
bumped to
Updated/fixed packages: bind, fakeroot, kbd, psmisc, qt
2011.05-rc1, Released May 18th, 2011:
Fixes all over the tree and new features.
External toolchain improvements: We now build a binary
toolchain wrapper and install it into HOST_DIR/usr/bin, which
enforces the correct compiler arguments, making an external
toolchain as easy to use outside of Buildroot as the internal
ones are. This also brought a cleanup of CFLAGS, making the
Buildroot build output easier to read.
Rootfs device handling improvements: Choice between static
/dev, devtmpfs and devtmpfs with either mdev or udev.
Toolchain: More preconfigured codesourcery external
toolchains, improved Crosstool-NG support, fix for GCC
snapshot versions, GCC 4.4.6 / 4.5.3, experimental GCC 4.6.0
support, target-GCC fixes, uClibc fixes, 0.9.32-rc3 support.
Bootloaders: U-boot 2011.03, Barebox 2011.05.0
Linux: support for custom kernel image targets, E.G. for
powerpc builds with embedded device trees.
Misc fixes for qemu defconfigs, ensuring correct serial
terminal setup out of the box.
Misc gentarget / autotools handling fixes.
Updated/fixed packages: alsa-lib, alsa-utils, alsamixergui,
atk, avahi, bind, bison, busybox, copas, dbus-glib, dhcp,
dhcpdump, dnsmasq, dropbear, ethtool, fakeroot, ffmpeg, file,
gamin, gnuconfig, gst-ffmpeg, gst-plugins-good, gtk2-engines,
haserl, hostapd, icu, imagemagick, iproute2, iw, kismet, less,
libcap, libdnet, libglade, libglib2, libgtk2, libnl, libpng,
libxml2, libxml2, libxslt, lighttpd, lockfile-progs, makedevs,
midori, mpg123, mpc, mpd, mpfr, mplayer, mtd-utils, ncurses,
netsnmp, openssh, openssl, openvpn, pango, pkg-config, popt,
procps, proftpd, qt, quagga, readline, rsync, samba, sdl,
socat, squashfs, squid, sudo, tslib, udev, usbutils, webkit,
wpa_supplicant, xerces, xfont_font-misc-misc, xlib_libX11,
xlib_libXfont, xlib_xtrans, xorg-server, xterm, xz
New packages: bonnie++, can-utils, gdisk, htop,
input-event-daemon, libexif, libraw, libv4l, ngircd
Removed packages: festival
Issues resolved (
#2131: Add OpenMP support to the toolchain
#3379: New Package: bonnie++
#3445: Not working openssl-10.0.0d on 386sx
#3451: fakeroot package: wrong FAKEROOT_SITE variable
#3457: alsamixergui: broken URL
#3475: Calling sync on large filesystems when not always necessary
#3511: make busybox-menuconfig does not download busybox package
#3541: Quotes in the top Makefile:217 break buildroot/kernel config...
#3571: u-boot: fw_printenv does not build
#3643: popt source url is not responding
#3733: dropbear: make zlib optional
#3757: Buildroot can't build mplayer with libmad
2011.02, Released February 28th, 2011:
Fixes all over the tree.
Updated/fixed packages: alsamixergui, avahi, ffmpeg, icu, mpd,
nuttcp, qt, slang, squashfs, sylpheed, synergy, xerces
Deprecated packages: devmem2, webif
Issues resolved (
#2911: Qt: Disable qt3support-option, if gui-module isn't selected
#3259: Unable to build webkit (on arm)
#3295: slang fails to build on mipsel
#3325: ffmpeg fails to build
2011.02-rc2, Released February 24th, 2011:
Fixes all over the tree.
Festival packages marked as broken. Unless someone steps up
to support them, they will be removed during the 2011.05
development cycle.
Updated/fixed packages: atk, avahi, bind, cairo, dbus,
enchant, fakeroot, gmpc, gpsd, gvfs, iperf, jpeg, libarchive,
libcgicc, libdaemon, libdrm, libevent, libgail, libglib2,
libgpg-error, libmicrohttpd, librsvg, libsoup, libxcp,
makedevs, matchbox-fakekey, matchbox-startup-monitor, mdadm,
metacity, mpd, nasm, nfs-utils, olsr, openssl, popt,
pthread-stubs, quagga, rpm, samba, sdl, sdl_gfx, sdl_image,
sdl_mixer, sdl_sound, sdl_ttf, squashfs, synergy, taglib,
tcpreplay, tiff, wpa_supplicant, xcb-util,
xserver_xorg-server, xz
Removed packages: ace_of_penguins, vlc
Issues resolved (
#3205: Failing chmod when running "make" in buildroot (openssl)...
#3277: quagga fails to build with SNMP support
#3283: See why nfs-utils needs fakeroot, and convert to autotools
#3307: synergy fails to build due to missing XTest library
2011.02-rc1, Released February 14th, 2011:
Fixes all over the tree and new features.
External toolchain improvements: clarification of the options,
and introduction of the toolchain profile concept, for
well-known toolchains. Buildroot is now capable of
automatically downloading and extracting well-known toolchains
(for the moment, CodeSourcery ARM, PowerPC, MIPS and SuperH
toolchains are supported). Crosstool-NG backend updated and
Complete rework of how hardware boards are supported.
Each board now only has a single defconfig file, and all
board-specific options have been removed. See
docs/buildroot.html#board_support for details.
Added support for the following boards: Mini2440, Qemu ARM
Versatile, Qemu MIPSel Malta, Qemu PowerPC G3beige, Qemu SH4
r2d and Qemu x86. The Qemu boards support allows to easily
build systems that are known to work under Qemu.
Initial support for Blackfin processors.
Staging directory moved into $(O)/host/usr/<tuple>/sysroot, in
preparation for support of SDK. For the same reason, the
toolchain binaries (cross-compiler and other related tools)
are now installed in $(O)/host/usr/bin/. The cross pkg-config
now also automatically returns correct values for cross
compilation, without needing any environment variables to be
Ccache support reworked. Now used for both host and target
compilation, and cache is stored in ~/.buildroot-ccache.
Toolchain: uClibc 0.9.32-rc2, several components moved to
normal AUTOTARGET packages.
Generic cmake infrastructure, similar to the existing
Support for bzr downloads, next to the existing git/svn support.
Kconfig infrastructure rebased against 2.6.38-rc3, bringing
misc fixes. 'xconfig' now uses Qt4 rather than Qt3.
EXT2 file system size handling improved, UBI image support, fs
configuration options cleanup, U-Boot/Barebox version bumps.
Updated/fixed packages: alsa-utils, at, autoconf, automake,
bash, binutils, bison, busybox, bzip2, cdrkit, cloop, cmake,
coreutils, cups, dbus, dbus-python, dhcp, directfb,
direcfb-examples, dmalloc, dnsmasq, dosfstools, e2fsprogs, ed,
fbset, ffmpeg, findutils, flac, freetype, gdk-pixbuf, gmp,
grep, gperf, gst-ffmpeg, gst-plugins-bad, gst-plugins-base,
gst-plugins-good, gst-plugins-ugly, gstreamer, gvfs, hdparm,
hostapd, i2c-tools, icu, imagemagick, input-tools, iproute2,
iptables, iw, jpeg, kexec, libaio, libart, libcap, libconfig,
libfuse, libglib2, libidn, libmad, libogg, libpcap, libpng,
libsndfile, libtheora, libtool, libusb-compat, libvorbis,
libxcb, libxml2, libxslt, links, linux-fusion, lm-sensors,
lsof, ltp-testsuite, ltrace, lvm2, lzo, m4, makedevs,
memtester, mesa3d, mii-diag, mpc, mpfr, mpg123, mplayer,
mrouted, mtd-utils, nano, netperf, netplug, ntfs-3g, ntp,
openssh, openssl, openvpn, oprofile, pango, patch, pciutils,
php, pkgconfig, portmap, psmisc, python, qt, rsync, ruby,
sawman, screen, sdl_gfx, sdl_sound, smartmontools, socat,
sqlite, squid, sshfs, sstrip, sysklogd, sysstat, sysvinit,
tar, tcpdump, tslib, udev, usbutils, vim, vtun, webkit, wipe,
x11vnc, xapp_xlogo, xcb-proto, xfont_font-util,
xkeyboard-config, xlib_libX11, xz, zlib
New packages: dhrystone, dsp-tools, faad2, fbgrab, gst-dsp,
gst-omapfb, irda-utils, lame, libao, libcue, libcuefile,
libffi, libhid, libreplaygain, libsamplerate, libsigc++,
lsuio, mpd, musepack, python-mad, python-serial, rsh-redone,
sdparm, tidsp-binaries, vorbis-tools, wavpack, whetstone,
xl2tp, xmlstarlet
Removed packages: hotplug, l2tp, libfloat, microcom,
Issues resolved (
#267: The make target: cross fails because toolchain_build_...
#415: Berkeley DB: mut_pthread.o: relocation R_X86_64_32 against...
#561: ltp-testsuite failed to install
#1447: Installing gfortran on PowerPC
#1651: Build fail caused by ccache in module-init-tools
#1681: Cross-compiled binaries shouldn't be installed into staging
#1723: [PATCH] axel: convert to generic package infrastructure and...
#1735: [PATCH] mplayer: convert to autotools infrastructure
#2551: [PATCH] native toolchain in the target filesystem fails
#2623: buildroot-snapshot-20100922 fails when compiling development...
#2647: makedevs package lacks support for 16-bit major/minor numbers
#2371: QT MYSQL Module does not build when MySQL installed on the host
#2839: compile fails in various packages with a odd message "error:...
#2887: tar "buffer overflow detected" error
#2893: Broken "make source" with external toolchain
#2905: Qt: Speed up compilation, if gui-module isn't selected
#2929: genext2fs: couldn't allocate a block (no free space)
#2935: Ntpdate isn't installed
#2965: Broken linkage to xkbcomp (blocking X server startup)
#2983: xlib_libX11 build failed
#3007: kexec doesn't build: Missing regdef.h file
#3085: Init scripts are not compatible with sysVinit (when busybox...
#3103: make external-deps wants to download gcc-.tar.bz2 when...
#3109: abnormal `make busybox-menuconfig`
#3115: How about board specific makefiles?
#3169: python patch has typo, aborts build in scenario
#3181: copies S80dhcp-server to etc/init.d, not etc/init.d/
2010.11, Released November 30th, 2010:
Fixes all over the tree.
Updated/fixed packages: libgcrypt, qt, squid, sysstat, tcpdump,
Issues resolved (
#2773: squid with openssl support needs openssl on the host
#2857: OBJDUMP definition is missing from TARGET_CONFIGURE_OPTS
2010.11-rc2, Released November 25th, 2010:
Fixes all over the tree.
Add support for LEON Sparc architecture variants. Fix make
source/external-deps for host packages.
Updated/fixed packages: bash, bind, busybox, dialog, gpsd,
libglib2, libcurl, libmad, lrzsz, midori, module-init-tools,
mtd-utils, openssh, openssl, pciutils, php, qt, sqlite,
sysstat, webkit, zlib
Issues resolved (
#759: Sysstat build broken without libintl
#2479: host-module-init-tools 3.11 fails to build
#2725: Buildroot overrides kernel config
#2785: mtd-utils build fails due to missing libmtd
#2791: Added PHP-Process Control to the PHP-Package
#2797: pciutils dependencies on zlib not taken into account
#2809: failed to compile libglib2
#2821: [PATCH] Patch for JavaScriptCore in QtWebKit module
#2827: qt-4.7.0-pthread_getattr_np.patch invalid for qt 4.6...
#2833: Failed to compile webkit without X11
2010.11-rc1, Released November 8th, 2010:
Fixes all over the tree and new features.
Kconfig infrastructure rebased against 2.6.36-rc1, bringing
misc fixes + nconfig and savedefconfig targets.
Toolchain: ARM cortex A9 support, experimental crosstool-ng
backend, GCC 4.5.x.
Fs: Squashfs 4.1 with lzo support
Old-style package hooks (*_HOOK_POST_*) removed. Use the more
generic new-style ones instead.
Download handling reworked and support for git/svn downloads
Removed experimental shared config.cache support, as it is
too unreliable.
A convenience Makefile wrapper is created when using
out-of-tree building, similar to how it is done for the kernel.
Alpha, Cris, IA64 and Sparc64 architecture support removed.
New packages: argp-standalone, gdk-pixbuf, gpsd, gst-ffmpeg,
libmpeg2, kbd, librsvg, nuttcp, rng-tools, rrdtool, xz
Updated/fixed packages: acpid, alsa-lib, argus, at, autoconf,
automake, avahi, axel, beecrypt, berkeleydb, bind, bmon, boa,
bootutils, bridge-utils, bsdiff, busybox, cvs, dbus, directfb,
dmraid, docker, dosfstools, dropbear, e2fsprogs, ethtool,
expat, ezxml, fbset, fconfig, ffmpeg, freetype, gadgetfs-test,
gamin, gawk, genext2fs, gperf, gst-plugins-base,
gst-plugins-ugly, gtk2-themes, gtkperf, gvfs, haserl, hdparm,
hostapd, hwdata, ifplugd, imagemagick, iperf, ipsec-tools,
iproute2, iptables, iw, jpeg, kexec, kismet, less, libcgi,
libcurl, libdaemon, libdnet, liberation, libevent, libeXosip2,
libglade, libgtk2, libiconv, libidn, libintl, libmms, libmpd,
libnl, liboil, libosip2, libpcap, libpng, libtool, libungif,
libxml2, libxslt, lighttpd, lite, lm-sensors, lockfile-progs,
logrotate, m4, matchbox, mdadm, mesa3d, metacity, mplayer,
mtd-utils, mysql_client, nano, nbd, ncftp, neon, netperf,
netsnmp, ng-spice-rework, ntfsprogs, ntp, openntpd, openssh,
openssl, openvpn, oprofile, pango, patch, pcre, php,
pkg-config, portmap, pppd, pptp-linux, prboom, proftpd, radvd,
rdesktop, readline, rp-pppoe, ruby, qt, quagga, samba, sawman,
sdl_mixer, sdl_sound, sed, setserial, shared-mime-info, slang,
speex, sqlite, squashfs, startup-notification, strace,
sylpheed, sysstat, taglib, tcpdump, thttpd, tiff, tn5250,
torsmo, tslib, udev, udpcast, usbmount, usbutils, vsftpd,
vtun, which, wireless-tools, wpa_supplicant, xapp_twm,
xapp_xbacklight, xapp_xcursorgen, xapp_xinit, xapp_xinput,
xkeyboard-config, xlib_libX11, xserver_xorg-server, xstroke,
xterm, xvkbd, zlib
Deprecated packages: hotplug, lzma, ng-spice-rework, sfdisk
Removed packages: dillo, libglib12, libgtk12, microwin,
Issues resolved (
#901: new package: gpsd
#2389: Generate a Makefile wrapper in $(O)
#2461: wireless_tools: install shared library if needed
#2521: Can't compile sdl_mixer, mikmod.h can't be found
#2533: xserver_xorg-server: Enable glx, if mesa3d is built
#2563: [PATCH] cairo: Expose the configure option to disable some...
#2581: libmms: Update to 0.6, and patch to work on architectures...
#2707: Can't compile linux kernel using buildroot + crosstool-ng
#2731: Build order
#2737: buildroot configuration tool crashing when the path exceeds...
#2767: Build for lsof broken in buildroot-2010.08
2010.08: Released August 31th, 2010:
Fixes all over the tree.
Updated/fixed packages: atk, xstroke
Removed packages: lxdoom
2010.08-rc2, Released August 30th, 2010:
Fixes all over the tree.
Mark the combination of uClibc 0.9.31, gcc 4.2.x, C++ and
locale support as broken. Remove deprecated GCC 4.2.[1-3]
Mark CRIS architecture as deprecated, as it is discontinued
Marked shared config.cache as experimental and disabled by
default as it is known to break with certain package
Toolchain: fixed gcc 4.2.x build after uClibc NPTL support got
fs: old-style squashfs for big endian archs fixed.
Updated/fixed packages: busybox, gst-plugins-base,
imagemagick, kismet, libgail, libglib2, libgtk2, lua,
luafilesystem, lzo, ncurses, netcat, pango, php, pppd,
proftpd, qt, samba, startup-notification, swfdec, sysvinit,
Removed packages: stunnel
Issues resolved (
#635: util-linux fails to build in 2009.08
#2239: netcat package installs its binary to target as avr32-linux...
#2395: libglib2-2.24.1 and libxml2-2.7.7 fails build on MIPS because...
#2443: Initramfs: Don't overwrite $(TARGET_DIR)/init if it exists
#2449: Minor fixes for squashfs makefile and correct PowerPC e500 ...
2010.08-rc1, Released July 30th, 2010:
Fixes all over the tree and new features.
Toolchain: GCC 4.3.5, older 4.3.x versions removed. GCC 4.1.2
and non-sysroot support removed. Added support for (snapshot)
NPTL in uClibc, removed,
Bootloaders: Various cleanups, moved to boot/, added Barebox,
removed yaboot. Support building u-boot from custom tarball,
u-boot 2010.06.
New GTK-based configurator, usable using 'make gconfig'.
Java packages marked as broken. Unless someone steps up to
support this, they will be removed during the 2010.11
development cycle.
Alpha, IA64 and Sparc64 architectures marked as deprecated.
GTK+ on DirectFB has also been marked as deprecated, as it is
not supported in recent GTK+ versions, and more and more
packages depends on the new versions.
Unless someone steps up to support them, they will be removed
during the 2010.11 development cycle.
New packages: cgilua, copas, coxpcall, ffmpeg, libsvgtiny,
libgail, luafilesystem, luasocket, rings, wsapi, xavante, xterm
Updated/fixed packages: alsa-lib, alsamixergui, at, atk,
avahi, berkeleydb, bash, blackbox, busybox, bzip2, cairo,
cdrkit, cmake, dash, dhcp, dialog, diffutils, distcc, dmalloc,
dnsmasq, dropbear, e2fsprogs, fbv, file, flex, fontconfig,
gawk, gmpc, gnuchess, gst-plugins-base, gst-plugins-good,
gstreamer, gzip, icu, intltool, iostat, ipsec-tools, iptables,
iw, libart, libcgi, libcurl, libdrm, libeXosip, libfuse,
libglib2, libgpg-error, libiconv, libidn, liblockfile, libpng,
libsoup, lighttpd, links, linux-fusion, lmbench, lrzsz,
ltrace, make, midori, module-init-tools, mplayer,
mysql_client, nbd, ncurses, neon, netcat, netperf, netsnmp,
ntfsprogs, openssl, oprofile, pango, php, qt, quagga, samba,
setserial, sdl, sdl_mixer, sdl_sound, sdl_ttf, speech-tools,
sqlite, squashfs, swfdec, tftpd, thttpd, tn5250, tremor,
usbutils, webif, webkit, wireless_tools, xerces,
xkeyboard-config, xserver_xorg-server, xvkbd, zlib
Removed packages: modutils, portage, rxvt
Deprecated packages: dillo, libglib12, libgtk12, microwin, pcmcia
Issues resolved (
#321: alsa-lib uses host include files for python which breaks ...
#361: linux kernel configuration choice works incorrectly
#387: Tremor not installed to toolchain
#401: new package: ffmpeg
#475: uImage target for U-boot failed generating
#543: ATK requires X11 on DirectFB target
#575: webkit: Buildroot Libtool Patch Fails
#583: build fails with external x86_64 toolchain
#729: sstrip creates corrupted headers
#829: Webkit r44552 needs libXt
#835: Package Dataflashboot-1.05 does not compile with buildroot...
#847: Compiling target-gcc v4.4 fails with " cannot open...
#859: Add (head of) nptl branch to list of uClibc versions
#949: compile with debug info
#955: Grub fails to build with External Toolchain
#1051: Webkit doesn't compile (Linuxthreads new, x86)
#1213: Move .config into output directory
#1225: Buildroot fails to account for "nof" subdirectory (no float...
#1231: (sparc) Linux kernel fails to build
#1261: The getline() in output/build/linux-2.6.28/scripts/unifdef.c...
#1339: Busybox needs -fno-strict-aliasing to compile cleanly
#1393: neon config fails libxml/parser.h: libxml2 requires, but not ...
#1405: WebKit fails to build because pthread_getattr_np is not impl...
#1675: GMP Error during buildroot make process
#1741: external toolchain linking error
#1753: lmbench: convert to generic package infrastructure
#1771: Fakeroot and the target/generic/device_table.txt create bad...
#1807: LZMA 4.32.7, Required header file(s) are missing
#1813: xkeyboard-config fails to build because of intltool problem
#1879: Bump iptables to 1.4.8
#1885: Add a bunch of lua modules
#1897: Bump libusb to 1.0.7
#1903: Bump tn5250 to 0.17.4 and migrate to autotargets
#1909: netperf-2.4.5 fails to build because of undeclared SOCK_DCCP
#1927: Bump file to 5.03 and migrate to autotargets
#1933: Bump gawk to 3.1.8 and migrate to autotargets
#1945: PHP: add sqlite3 dependency when using external lib
#1951: Bump openssl to 0.9.8o
#1957: Bump sqlite to
#1975: Package removal/deprecation
#1981: zlib: bump to 1.2.5
#1987: intltool: Fix spelling mistake
#1993: Bump bash to 4.1.7(1) and migrate to autotargets
#1999: Typo in path checking
#2005: Bump dnsmasq to 2.55 and migrate to gentargets
#2035: ipsec-tools-0.7.2 fails to build with gcc-4.4.x
#2038: Bump ncurses to 5.7
#2095: make gconfig: undefined reference to symbol 'dlsym@@GLIBC_2.2.5'
#2101: blackbox depends on locale support
#2119: Tries to build kernel, although disabled in config
#2125: libXfont build fail
#2143: buildroot compiler generates segfaulting statically linked exe..
#2149: xterm build failure
#2155: Compression lzo don't set for ubifs
#2161: [SECURITY] Update libpng to 1.2.44
#2167: Bump busybox to 1.17.0, convert to gentargets, drop 1.12, ...
#2181: pixman can't apply pixman-0.10.0-no-tests.patch
#2191: linux-fusion build fail
#2221: Qt does not compile (dependencies not taken into account?)
#2233: Atmel atstk target skeletons have /etc/mtab as a file, not ...
#2245: Netcat does not work due to incorrect assumptions about signed..
#2251: directory output/build after make *_defconfig not found
#2257: Convert netsnmp package to autotargets
#2263: Bump samba to 3.3.13
#2269: setserial causes make error
2010.05, Released May 30th, 2010:
Fixes all over the tree.
Updated/fixed packages: coreutils, hal, libcap,
lockfile-progs, ncftp, xserver_xorg-server
Issues resolved (
#1789: binutils fails to build for i386
#1843: Fix libcap build failure
#1855: XORG Keyboard driver fails to compile
2010.05-rc3, Released May 27th, 2010:
Fixes all over the tree.
Updated/fixed packages: aumix, atk, avahi, bmon, busybox, cairo,
cdrkit, dbus-glib, dbus-python, docker, enchant, fltk, gamin,
gettext, gmpc, gob2, grep, gstreamer, gst-plugins-bad,
gst-plugins-base, gvfs, hal, iconv, icu, iperf, libcgicc,
libdvdnav, libdvdread, libglade, libglib2, libgtk2, libidn,
libmms, libmpd, libpcap, libsoup, lmbench, lsof, ltrace, lvm2,
make, metacity, microperl, mtd-utils, mutt, nbd, netsnmp,
ntfsprogs, ntp, olsr, pango, pciutils, pcmanfm, php,
pkg-config, psmisc, qt, samba, shared-mime-info, squashfs,
squashfs3, sshfs, startup-notification, swfdec, sylpheed,
uemacs, util-linux, valgrind, vpnc, vsftpd, webkit, xstroke
Issues resolved (
#75: arm buildroot "unrecognized option" error
#699: Buildroot fails to copy libstdc++ to target when using external...
#1693: NTP trys IPV6 even if not configured error: 'IPV6_MULTICAST...
#1729: alsamixergui fails to build
#1801: Avahi-autoipd doesn't create TARGET_DIR/var/lib
#1819: pciutils small bugs
#2065: Internal toolchain: bump gcc 4.3.x series to 4.3.5
2010.05-rc2, Released May 11th, 2010:
Fixes all over the tree.
Updated/fixed packages: busybox, customize, gawk, gnuchess,
hal, hostapd, less, libgcrypt, libnl, libxcb, linux-fusion,
ltp-testsuite, mplayer, netplug, pciutils, php, sed,
shared-mime-info usb_modeswitch, usbutils, vlc wpa_supplicant,
xapp_bdftopcf, xapp_mkfontdir, xdriver_xf86-video-openchrome,
xfont_encodings, xlib_libX11, xlib_libXfont, xlib_xtrans,
xproto_fontcacheproto, xproto_fontsproto, xvkbd
Removed packages: vice
Issues resolved (
#849: "customize" package copies files to wrong place in target tree
#985: Bump usb_modeswitch package to 1.1.0
#1135: Package customize. Wrong copying
#1525: Package hal deletes a whole <target>/etc/rc.d directory
#1531: libxcb 1.5 build fails, due to missing xcbgen Python module
#1669: Busybox failed to compile when using an external toolchain
#1699: Fix usbutils dependencies and bump
#1705: Fix pciutils broken cross compiling
#1717: External toolchain fixes for hostapd & wpa_supplicant
2010.05-rc1, Released May 3rd, 2010:
Cleaned up / restructured package menu.
Toolchain: uClibc / 0.9.31, older 0.9.30.x removed.
2.6.33 kernel headers, binutils 2.20.1, GCC 4.4.4,
removed broken nios2 support, ppc e300cX/e500mc support,
improved external toolchain support, GDB 7.x support. updated to 7.5.
New packages: cdrkit, cramfs, genext2fs, genromfs,
libatomic_ops, librsync, libusb-compat, lmbench, netperf,
squashfs, squashfs3, squid
Updated/fixed packages: alsa-utils, argus, autoconf, bison,
busybox, bzip2, directfb, dnsmasq, dosfstools, e2fsprogs,
eeprog, fakeroot, fbv, findutils, freetype, haserl, hostapd,
iperf, iptables, iw, less, libaio, libcgi, libcgicc, libdrm,
libgcrypt, libglib2, libid3tag, libmad, liboil, libosip2,
libpng, libraw1394, libsysfs, libxml2, libxslt, linux-fusion,
ltrace, lua, lzma, madplay, makedevs, matchbox, mdadm,
memstat, mesa3d, mtd-utils, nano, ncurses, openssl, patch,
pciutils, php, pixman, portage, pppd, pthread-stubs, python,
qt, radvd, samba, setserial, smartmontools, tar, tslib,
udpcast, usb_modeswith, vtun, wget, xdata_xcursor-themes,
xdriver_xf86-video-intel, xkeyboard-config, xlib_libX11,
xlib_libXaw, xlib_libXfont, xlib_libXfontcache,
xlib_libXxf86misc, xlib_libXtst, xlib_libpciaccess,
xproto_dri2proto, xproto_eviext, xproto_fontcacheproto,
xproto_xf86miscproto, xserver_xorg-server
Removed packages: xapp_xtrap, xlib_libXTrap, xlib_libXevie,
xlib_libXxf86misc, xxproto_evieext, proto_trapproto,
Issues resolved (
#513: Add new squid package
#661: lmbench: new package
#719: Add lua option to haserl
#800: [PATCH] iperf update to 2.0.4
#803: [PATCH] lua - add shared library patch and config option for...
#805: [PATCH] mdadm - version update
#817: integrator926_defconfig uses unsupported uboot board name
#851: Add option to specify --sysroot value for external toolchain
#1093: Upgrade libusb to v1.0.3 and add new libusb-compat
package for compatibility with old packages that expect
the pre-1.0 API.
#1105: Add new netperf package
#1111: Bump wget to 1.12 and migrate to
#1117: Bump nano to 2.2.3 and migrate to
#1123: Bump less to 436 and migrate to
#1129: Bump memstat to 0.8 and migrate to
#1189: Wrong u-boot configuration name for integrator926 target
#1219: kernel headers not correctly installed into toolchain/staging
#1267: Wrong BR2_EXTRA_VERSION
#1273: BR2_INET_IPV6 does not enable IPv6 in pppd
#1303: Add librsync package
#1321: Busybox link fails due to lack of --sysroot option
#1327: mtd-utils compile failure due to lack of --sysroot in CFLAGS
#1345: Bump pppd to 2.4.5 and convert to
#1369: cannot build radvd (flex problem)
#1387: xlib_libX11-1.3.2 can't find libjpeg
#1411: [SECURITY] Update openssl package to 0.9.8n
#1417: Bump iptables to 1.4.7
#1423: Bump e2fsprogs to 1.41.11
#1429: [SECURITY] Update php to 5.2.13
#1441: Add binutils 2.20.1
#1447: Package installation on target with debug symbols is broken
#1459: Misc QA fixes
#1489: radvd update to 1.6
#1513: Enable powerpc e300c2, e300c3 and e500mc optimization
#1537: dev entries not created anymore
#1555: Fix default uclibc-0.9.31 configuration
#1561: [SECURITY] Update samba to 3.3.12
#1567: openssl0.9.8n fails to compile
#1573: Alsa-utils alsactl/init/* not installed to target
#1591: portmap fails to compile
#1615: Convert eeprog package to gentargets
#1645: Bump hostapd package to 0.7.2
2010.02, Release February 26th, 2010:
Fixes all over the tree.
Updated/fixed packages: avahi, busybox, cramfs, ipsec-tools, libcgicc,
libgtk2, libraw1394, madplay, netsnmp, pango, squashfs, sylpheed, qt,
Removed packages: hostap, openmotif, xpdf
Issues resolved (
#165: openmotif does not build
#1147: Remove obsolete hostap package
#1183: make source fails to download gmp, mpfr and patches
2010.02-rc2, Released February 23th, 2010:
Fixes all over the tree and new features.
New packages: intltool
Updated/fixed packages: ace_of_penguins, alsa-lib, alsa-utils, argus,
at, automake, ccache, dosfstools, e2fsprogs, flex, gob2, gmpc,
gst-plugins-good, imagemagick, iw, kexec, libeXosip, libgtk2,
libpcap, libpng, libsoup, libxcb, libxml-parser-perl, libxml2,
libxslt, lvm2, matchbox, mplayer, rsync, rubix, shared-mime-info,
tcl, webkit, xapp_mkfontscale, xfont_encodings, xfont_font-util,
xlib_libfontenc, xproto_trapproto, zlib
Removed package: xboard
Issues resolved (
#335: atk looks for the path to the gnome library on the host
#355: Please update WebKit - it doesn't compile!
#453: libglib2 autoreconf
#457: e2fsprogs link problem
#459: libgtk2 autoreconf
#469: build of libgtk2 for host incorrectly assumes that ...
#671: Bash fails to build when building buildront on Ubuntu 9.04
#711: WebKit host dependencies problems
#821: cp: illegal operation
#1039: Not compiled on ubuntu karmic
#1069: [PATCH] The AT91BOOTSTRAP makefile contains a typo
2010.02-rc1, Released February 9th, 2010:
Fixes all over the tree and new features.
Generalized autotools infrastructure to be usable for
non-autotools packages, see package/ for
Cleaned up avr32 toolchain config, external source-based
toolchain support is gone.
Dependency checks: Also check for makeinfo, only print output
on errors.
Toolchain: uClibc, gcc 4.4.3
New packages: libcdaudio, libdvdnav, libdvdread, hostapd, ser2net,
Updated/fixed packages: alsa-lib, alsa-utils, at, autoconf, bash,
bind, binutils, bootutils, busybox, dbus, directfb, dnsmasq,
e2fsprogs, gstreamer, gperf, gst-plugins-bad, gvfs, fbdump, flex,
hal, iptables, iw, jpeg, kismet, libfuse, libglib2, liboil, libpcap,
libungif, libxml2, libxslt, lighttpd, mesa, mpg123, mtd-utils, nbd,
neon, netstat-nat, newt, openvpn, pcre, php, qt, rdesktop, readline,
rpm, sawman, sdl, sdl_ttf, sqlite, sshfs, tremor, u-boot,
usb_modeswitch, usbutils, webkit, wpa_supplicant, xfsprogs, zlib
Removed package: asterisk, openswan
Issues resolved (
#515: tcpreplay: new package
#553: Wrong DirectFB ps2mouse limitation
#559: mesa3d build fails
#679: Autoconf cannot find M4
#739: New/updated hostapd package
#749: Bump usbutils package to version 0.86
#751: Kernel 2.6 snapshot fetch fail
#753: Bump lighttpd package to 1.4.25
#757: U-Boot: mkimage cannot be installed using external toolchain
#761: Add binutils 2.20 to toolchain options
#763: [SECURITY] Update pcre to 7.9
#765: Add buildroot branding to gcc
#767: Bump iw package to 0.9.18
#773: [SECURITY] Update bind to 9.5.2-P1
#795: Minor edits to fix typos, grammar, spelling, usage in documen...
#813: Drop not very useful generic package selection options ...
#823: Editor backup files (~) is copied from the target_skeleton
#827: Bump mtd-utils package to version 1.2.0
#841: Build error
#913: Bump iptables to 1.4.6
#919: Bump usb_modeswitch package to 1.0.7
#925: Bump wpa_supplicant package to 0.6.10
#931: Bump kismet package to 2010-01-R1
#937: Bump openvpn package to 2.1.1
#943: Bump sqlite package to 3.6.22
#961: Bump dnsmasq to 2.52
#967: Bump netstat-nat to 1.4.10
#973: Bump iw to 0.9.19
#1003: DHCP options disabled with busybox-1.16.0
#1009: [SECURITY] Bump php to 5.2.12
#1015: [SECURITY] Bump bind to 9.5.1-P2
#1027: Busybox flash commands conflict with those from mtd-utils
#1063: [SECURITY] Update lighttpd to 1.4.26
2009.11, Released December 1st, 2009:
Additional fixes and cleanups.
Updated/fixed packages: alsamixergui, autoconf, coreutils, fltk,
microperl, ncurses, vim
Issues resolved (
#707: Cant configure fltk-1.1.7. configure: error: Configure could ...
2009.11-rc2, Released November 29th, 2009:
Additional fixes and cleanups.
Updated/fixed packages: busybox, dbus, fltk, gvfs, ltrace
2009.11-rc1, Released November 23rd, 2009:
Fixes all over the tree and new features.
Cleaned up / Simplified build directory layout. Refer to
docs/buildroot.html#using for details.
Target defconfig files moved to configs/ and listed in 'make help'
Fixed *clean targets. Now clean removes everything generated,
so you can do a fresh rebuild. Distclean furthermore removes
kbuild tools and .config, bringing the source tree back in a
pristine state.
Toolchain: ARM cortex A8 support, GCC 4.4.2, sensible default
soft / hardfloat setting for architecture, ensure target-ldd
gets installed.
New packages: divine, gvfs, libarchive, libmicrohttpd,
sdl_sound, swfdec, sysstat
Updated/fixed packages: alsa-lib, alsamixergui, autoconf, bootutils,
busybox, gcc, directfb, dnsmasq, e2fsprogs, festival, gamin, gperf,
gqview, gstreamer, gst-plugins-bad, gst-plugins-base, gst-plugins-good,
imagemagick, ipkg, iptables, iw, kernel-headers, kismet, leafpad,
libelf, libevent, libglib2, libidn, liblockfile, libmad, libpcap,
libupnp, libuuid, libxml2, lighttpd, ltrace, lua, lzma, magiccube4d,
matchbox, mdadm, nbd, ncftp, ncurses, netkittelnet, netsnmp,
ng-spice-rework, ntfs-3g, openntp, openssl, pcmanfm, php, psmisc,
python, quagga, radvd, rpm, rsync, rubix, samba, sawman, sdl, sdl_image,
shared-mime-info, sfdisk, spawn-fcgi, speech-tools, sqlite, squashfs,
synergy, syslinux, sysklogd, target-binutils, tcpdump, torsmo, u-boot,
udpcast, util-linux, valgrind, vsftpd, wipe, wpa-supplicant, x11vnc,
xdata_xcursor-themes, xboard, xfsprogs, xstroke, zlib[5~
Removed package: mdnsresponder, mpatrol, gcc 3.4.6 + 4.0.4, vice
Issues resolved (
#301: allow to install libsmbclient
#303: add gvfs package
#477: Add sdl_sound package
#487: Make kismet package sexier
#511: New package usb_modeswitch
#527: misc fixes for dnsmasq package
#565: libevent: Bump version and clean up makefile
#587: Use iptables multipurpose binaries and bump to 1.4.4
#593: Missing early check for patch(1)
#597: (REOP) Selecting busybox in buildroot's config clobbers ar ...
#609: libmicrohttpd: New package
#615: python: Don't delete .py files unless asked
#617: netkit/inetd requires RPC and fails to build if RPC is disabled
#619: netkittelnet requires netkitbase to install, but there's no ...
#645: allow to build nbd-server with NBD package
#653: [SECURITY] Update php package to version 5.2.11
#655: Update sqlite package to version 3.6.18
#657: Bug in imagemagick-clean target
#663: Add option for NAND flash with 512B Page and 16 kB erasesize ...
#665: [PATCH] Samba package
#667: [PATCH] e2fsprogs
#683: SDL-dfb does not select directfb
#701: make install problem with unstripped binaries
#703: [SECURITY] Update openssl package to 0.9.8l
#705: Bump spawn-fcgi package to 1.6.3
#709: Bump lighttpd package to 1.4.24
#713: Migrate openntpd package to
#715: Bump libidn package to 1.15 and other fixes
#717: Bump dnsmasq to 2.51 and introduce new IDN option
#731: Bump iw package to 0.9.17
2009.08, Released August 31th, 2009:
Additional fixes and cleanups.
Updated/fixed packages: ctorrent, saveconfig/getconfig,
sdl_net, util-linux.
Issues resolved (
#529: util-linux doesn't find headers and include libs correctly
#557: Build ctorrent with SSL support if available
2009.08-rc3, Released August 26th, 2009:
Additional fixes and cleanups.
Updated/fixed packages: alsa-utils, berkeleydb, busybox, dbus,
directfb, enchant, kernel headers.
Issues resolved (
#471: Allow directfb compilation with debug
#541: Removal of CVS directories in target filesystem broken
#547: berkeleydb: Update config.{sub, guess}
#549: enchant: Fix dependencies.
#569: Fix alsa-utils build for x86 on x86-64
2009.08-rc2, Released August 6th, 2009:
Additional fixes and new features.
New packages: libuuid, gcc 4.3.4.
Updated/fixed packages: busybox, classpath, gzip, ipsec-tools,
jamvm, libusb, microperl, neon, popt, sed, webkit.
Fixed issue with 'make oldconfig'
Issues resolved (
#525: sed broken with external toolchain
#537: Fix gzip build with recent glibc
2009.08-rc1, Released August 2nd, 2009:
Fixes all over the tree and new features.
Improvement of external toolchain support:
- Support for glibc toolchains.
- The toolchain configuration announced to Buildroot is
verified against the real toolchain configuration.
- Fixes, documentation.
Cleanup support: clarified configuration options, and
removed mandatory dependency on useless libraries such as
libXt or libXaw.
New QT-based configurator, usable using 'make xconfig'.
Support for the Xtensa architecture.
Toolchain: GCC 4.4.1, 2.6.30 kernel headers, removed < 2.6.26
New packages: bmon, ctorrent, dosfstools, enchant,
gst-plugins-bad, iw, libmms, libnl, netstat-nat, ntfsprogs,
sdl_gfx, spawn-fcgi.
Updated packages: bind, busybox, coreutils, sqlite, directfb,
expat, gamin, gnuconfig, haserl, ipsec-tools, classpath,
libcurl, libglib2, liblockfile, libpng, libsoup, libxml2,
lighttpd, ltp-testsuite, lvm2, matchbox, memstat,
gst-plugins-good, gstreamer, libogg, libvorbis, mplayer,
neon, openssl, pciutils, php, qt, ruby, sawman, webkit,
wpa-supplicant, xdriver_xf86-input-synaptics,
xdriver_xf86-video-intel, xlib_libXfont, xlib_libXft,
xlib_libXt, xproto_xproto, xserver-xorg, xutil_makedepend,
Issues resolved (
#83: liblockfile fails to compile due to eaccess redefinition
#163: Xtensa architecture port
#171: xorg-server / kernel headers 2.6.26 - vm86.c compilation issue
#241: device mapper + lvm2: build together
#243: ctorrent: new package
#247: ntfsprogs: new package
#271: Library '' not installed in search path
#287: New package libnl
#289: New package iw
#331: Update MPlayer to version 1.0rc2
#333: Bump sqlite package to 3.6.15
#349: update libsoup to version 2.26.2
#357: New package netstat-nat
#359,#413: Upgrade openvpn to
#367: linux kernel compile error for arm926t
#369: Add SDL_gfx package
#373: Support for building gstreamer without libxml
#379: update DirectFB to version 1.4.0
#383: gst-plugins-good: Allow soup plugin to be configured
#385: neon: Fix pkgconfig dependency
#387: Tremor not installed to toolchain
#389: New package bmon
#391: gstreamer: Bump version to 0.10.23
#393: gst-plugins-base: Bump version to 0.10.23
#395: gst-plugins-bad: New package
#403: Error while building iso9660 image
#409: Bump php package to 5.2.10
#411: ipsec-tools: Bump version to 0.7.2
#417: New package spawn-fcgi
#419: Bump lighttpd package to 1.4.23
#421: toolchain: Clean up toolchain locale support menu
#427: webkit: Update to WebKit svn r44552
#437: ltp-testsuite: Bump version to 20090630
#451: Upgrade from unmaintained dosfstools-2.11 to dosfstools-3.0.3
#467: DirectFB 1.4.1
#473: memstat_0.5.tar.gz has install with -D and that fails "make"
#491: libxml2: Bump version to 0.7.3
#495: Bump bind package to 9.5.1-P3 (security)
#497: OpenSSL RSA key generation hangs on x86_64
#509: Bump sqlite package to 3.6.16
#523: pciutils broken with external toolchain
#533: Update gamin to 0.1.10 to fix compilation
2009.05, Released June 1st, 2009:
Fixes for dropbear & diffutils, bump linux-advanced 2.6.29.x
version and marked ubifsroot as broken.
2009.05-rc3, Released May 27th, 2009:
Fixes for toolchain (gcc arm pr37436), stable kernel versions,
busybox, curl, libusb, readline, python and strace.
Issues resolved (
#345: libcurl package needs a urandom fix
2009.05-rc2, Released May 19th, 2009:
Fixes for toolchain (gcc w/softfloat on ppc, 3.4.6 buildfix
for newer hosts), stable kernel versions, busybox, cups,
dmraid, docker, mesa3d, rsync and updated defconfigs.
xserver marked as broken on AVR32 and atngw100-expanded
config removed.
Issues resolved (
#167: metacity does not build
#295: gamin installs python support even if python is disabled
#323: gen_matypes fails to execute during build of Mesa when us...
2009.05-rc1, Released May 5th, 2009:
Fixes all over the tree, further conversion of packages to and we now build host versions of
packages where needed for build time dependencies instead of
relying on the correct versions being available on the build
host. Ancient toolchain / busybox versions have furthermore
been removed as announced in the 2009.02 release notes.
New packages: flac, gob2, lzop, taglib, wpa_supplicant
Updated packages: avahi, bind, binutils, busybox, dbus, dbus-glib,
directfb, dnsmasq, freetype, gcc, gmp, gstreamer, iptables, kernel
headers, kexec, libglib2, libpng, libsndfile, lua, mpfr, ntfs-3g,
openssl, php, qtopia4, rsync, samba, sqlite, tar, uboot, uclibc,
util-linux, xorg7, xerces
Issues resolved (
#5,#77,#141,#143: Convert php package to
and a ton of other improvements
#19: page.h missing by util-linux
#37: update libglib2 to version 2.18.4
#61: tslib puts staging_dir into pkgconfig file
#69: tar refuses to build
#71,#175: ./wchar.h:41:12: error: empty filename in #include
#73: Bump openssl package to the latest version
#81: New package wpa_supplicant
#99: new package: flac
#101: update gstreamer packages
#105,#313: menuconfig segfaults on tinyx if wchar is not
#107: convert libvorbis to
#109: Make pppd package avoid bsd err
#111: binutils 2.17 fails to build when texinfo >= 4.10
#133: Modify ncurses5-config to get correct include path
#137: Bump php to version 5.2.9
#139: Bump sqlite to 3.6.11 and convert to
#145: Bump bind package to 9.5.1-P1 (security)
#147: buildroot toolchain fails to build w/binutils-2.19.1
#151: openssl package trivial fixes
#161: vim fails on patching with errors in configure.patch
#169: blackbox-0.70.1 does not build
#177: xdriver_xf86-input-keyboard does not build
#179: Upgrade dropbear to
#181: Update to Xorg 7.4
#187: ntfs-3g: could not build cross
#191: alsa-lib ARM binaries always built with EABI
#213: Bump wpa_supplicant package to version 0.6.9
#217: Bump openssl package to 0.9.8k (security)
#219: Toolchain build fails on m4
#225: m4 macros are out of place
#233: make ipv6 optional in iptables
#237: ncftp: convert to
#239: ntfs-3g: convert to
#245: lzop: new package
#271: Bump bind package to 9.5.1-P2 (security)
#277: Bump sqlite package to 3.6.16
#279: update libglib2 to version 2.20.1
#281: update DirectFB to version 1.2.8
#283: add taglib
#285: compilation of samba fails if IPV6 support is missing
#293: update samba to version 3.3.3
#299: add shared-mime-info package
#307: make openssl package respect build flags