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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!--ONU vendor ID: STRING(4). -->
<attrib name="ONU vendor ID" value="MRVL" />
<!--ONU vendor OUI: ARRAY(3). -->
<attrib name="ONU vendor OUI" value="0x005043" />
<!--ONU vendor name: STRING(64). -->
<attrib name="ONU vendor name" value="Marvell" />
<!--Model for eOAM: STRING(4). -->
<attrib name="Model for eOAM" value="6601" />
<!--Model for OMCI: STRING(20). -->
<attrib name="Model for OMCI" value="MRVL" />
<!--Model for TR-069: STRING(64). -->
<attrib name="Model for TR-069" value="MRVL" />
<!--ONU product code: ARRAY(2). -->
<attrib name="ONU product code" value="0x0201" />
<!--ONU product class: STRING(64). -->
<attrib name="ONU product class" value="Marvell AVANTA 88F6500" />
<!--HW version: STRING(64). -->
<attrib name="HW version" value="AVANTA A0" />
<!--SW version: STRING(64). -->
<attrib name="SW version" value="2.7.25" />
<!--Addtional HW version: STRING(64). -->
<attrib name="Addtional HW version" value="0" />
<!--Addtional SW version: STRING(64). -->
<attrib name="Addtional SW version" value="16" />
<!--Device description: STRING(256). -->
<attrib name="Device description" value="MARVELL AVANTA UPON device" />
<!--Firmware version: ARRAY(16). -->
<attrib name="Firmware version" value="0x00000001" />
<!--Chip vendor ID: ARRAY(2). -->
<attrib name="Chip vendor ID" value="0x03e9" />
<!--Chip model: ARRAY(2). -->
<attrib name="Chip model" value="0x6601" />
<!--Chip revision: BYTE(1). -->
<attrib name="Chip revision" value="0x02" />
<!--Chip version: ARRAY(3). -->
<attrib name="Chip version" value="0x000001" />
<!--Operator ID: STRING(4). -->
<attrib name="Operator ID" value="CTC" />
<!--ONU type: UINT32. -->
<!--0:SFU, 1:HGU, 2:SBU, 3:CBU, 4:MDU, 5:MTU, 6:1FE+1POTS SFU, 7:Mixed HGU, 8:1GE+1SGMII Bridge -->
<attrib name="ONU type" value="8" />
<attrib name="Complex profile" value="17" />
<!-- active_wan 0=GMAC0 1=GMAC1 2=PMAC -->
<attrib name="Active wan" value="1" />
<!-- switch port to appliacation port(start from 1) mapping -->
<attrib name="Switch port 0" value="1" />
<attrib name="Switch port 1" value="2" />
<attrib name="Switch port 2" value="3" />
<attrib name="Switch port 3" value="4" />
<!--Voice management method: BYTE. -->
<!--0:TR-069, 1:eOAM/OMCI, 2:Proprietary. -->
<attrib name="Voice management method" value="1" />
<!--PON port number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="PON port number" value="1" />
<!--GE Ethernet port number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="GE Ethernet port number" value="1" />
<!--FE Ethernet port number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="FE Ethernet port number" value="0" />
<!--POTS port number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="POTS port number" value="2" />
<!--WIFI port number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="WIFI port number" value="0" />
<!--USB port number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="USB port number" value="0" />
<!--E1 port number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="E1 port number" value="0" />
<!--ADSL port number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="ADSL port number" value="0" />
<!--VDSL port number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="VDSL port number" value="0" />
<!--CATV port number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="CATV port number" value="0" />
<!--GE Ethernet port bitmap: UINT32. -->
<attrib name="GE Ethernet port bitmap" value="0x01" />
<!--FE Ethernet port bitmap: UINT32. -->
<attrib name="FE Ethernet port bitmap" value="0x00" />
<!--Maximum upstream queue per port: UINT32. -->
<attrib name="Maximum upstream queue per port" value="4" />
<!--Maximum downstream queue per port: UINT32. -->
<attrib name="Maximum downstream queue per port" value="4" />
<!--Maximum queue per T-CONT: UINT32. -->
<attrib name="Maximum queue per T-CONT" value="4" />
<!--Maximum queue per GEM MAC port: UINT32. -->
<attrib name="Maximum queue per GEM MAC port" value="4" />
<!--ONU pluggable capability: BYTE. -->
<!--0: unpluggable, 1: pluggable -->
<attrib name="ONU pluggable capability" value="0" />
<!--Total slot number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="Total slot number" value="1" />
<!--Total T-CONT number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="Total T-CONT number" value="8" />
<!--Total LLID number: BYTE. -->
<attrib name="Total LLID number" value="1" />
<!--Total GEM port number: UINT32. -->
<attrib name="Total GEM port number" value="256" />
<!--ONU protect type: BYTE. -->
<!--0: no protection support, 1: support type C link protection, 2: support type D link protection -->
<attrib name="ONU protect type" value="1" />
<!--IPv6 support capability: BYTE. -->
<!--0: do not support IPv6, 1: support IPv6 -->
<attrib name="IPv6 support capability" value="0" />
<!--Power control support capability: BYTE. -->
<!--0��don't support ONU power supply control
1��Support ONU Tx power supply control only.
2��Support both Tx and Rx power supply control.-->
<attrib name="Power control support capability" value="2" />
<!--SLA support capability: BYTE. -->
<!--1��don't support Service SLA��
2-8��Support Service SLA function��
The value indicates the number of services the ONU supported. -->
<attrib name="SLA support capability" value="4" />
<!--Sleep mode support capability: BYTE. -->
<!--0:neither Tx nor Rx supported, 1:only Tx supported
2:only Rx supported, 3:both Tx and Rx supported -->
<attrib name="Sleep mode support capability" value="3" />
<!--Wakeup support capability: BYTE. -->
<!--0: early wake-up is supported, 1: early wake-up is not supported-->
<attrib name="Wakeup support capability" value="1" />
<!--Traffic management option: BYTE. -->
<!--0:Priority controlled and flexibly scheduled upstream traffic.
1:Rate controlled upstream traffic.
2:Priority and rate controlled -->
<attrib name="Traffic management option" value="2" />
<!--Battery backup support capability: BYTE. -->
<!--0: do not support battery backup, 1: support battery backup -->
<attrib name="Battery backup support capability" value="0" />
<!--Downstream multicast channel: UINT32. -->
<!--0: from multicast mac address channel, 1: from multicast gemport channel-->
<attrib name="Downstream multicast channel" value="0" />
<!--IGMPV1 messages discard: UINT32. -->
<!--0: forward igmpv1 messages, 1: discard igmpv1 messages-->
<attrib name="IGMPV1 messages discard" value="1" />
<!-- id : GMAC number, 0:GMAC0, 2:T-CONT0, 3:T-CONT1, ...9:T-CONT7, currently does not support GMAC1 -->
<!-- v_q_num : Total virtual queue number in each T-CONT -->
<!-- hwf_q_map : Virtual queue to real HWF queue mapping list, Example:0=7 means virtual 0 map to HWF queue 7,should be accordant with TPM XML -->
<!-- swf_q_map : Virtual queue to real SWF queue mapping list, Example:0=7 means virtual 0 map to SWF queue 6,should be accordant with TPM XML -->
<gmac id="0" v_q_num="4" hwf_q_map="0=1,1=3,2=5,3=7", swf_q_map="0=0,1=2,2=4,3=6" />
<gmac id="2" v_q_num="4" hwf_q_map="0=1,1=3,2=5,3=7", swf_q_map="0=0,1=2,2=4,3=6" />
<gmac id="3" v_q_num="4" hwf_q_map="0=1,1=3,2=5,3=7", swf_q_map="0=0,1=2,2=4,3=6" />
<gmac id="4" v_q_num="4" hwf_q_map="0=1,1=3,2=5,3=7", swf_q_map="0=0,1=2,2=4,3=6" />
<gmac id="5" v_q_num="4" hwf_q_map="0=1,1=3,2=5,3=7", swf_q_map="0=0,1=2,2=4,3=6" />
<gmac id="6" v_q_num="4" hwf_q_map="0=1,1=3,2=5,3=7", swf_q_map="0=0,1=2,2=4,3=6" />
<gmac id="7" v_q_num="4" hwf_q_map="0=1,1=3,2=5,3=7", swf_q_map="0=0,1=2,2=4,3=6" />
<gmac id="8" v_q_num="4" hwf_q_map="0=1,1=3,2=5,3=7", swf_q_map="0=0,1=2,2=4,3=6" />
<gmac id="9" v_q_num="4" hwf_q_map="0=1,1=3,2=5,3=7", swf_q_map="0=0,1=2,2=4,3=6" />
</Queue Mapping>