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bool "dvbsnoop"
depends on BR2_LARGEFILE
Dvbsnoop is just a simple tool to analyze, view or debug a transport
stream (TS), program elementary stream (PES) or even a program stream
(PS). Dvbsnoop is trying to get input mostly direct from a frontend
(satellite or cable tuner inside a set-top box for example) via DVB
APIv3 to view into a TS, or a demux to view PES or PS (also mostly
inside the set-top box or even PCI Card or USB Plug) but also from a
file (recorded TS).
Dvbsnoop is working well on SD transport streams but may have some
limited functionality on HD transport streams (DVB-{C,S,T}2 because
of missing knowledge how to handle it.
Dvbsnoop itself doesn't do the tuning on the frontend, this has to be
done by external helpers or manually driver call.
The dvbsnoop tool was written while developing the software Neutrino
on the set-top box DBox2.
comment "dvbsnoop needs a toolchain w/ largefile"
depends on !BR2_LARGEFILE