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Use wget instead of curl
While crosstool-NG did support either curl or wget in the past, it now
only supports curl. Unfortunately, Buildroot uses wget for all its
downloads, so wget is a hard dependency of Buildroot, while curl
Instead of adding curl as a new Buildroot dependency, or building curl
for the host, we simply tweak crosstool-NG to use wget instead of
The script/functions change has been provided by Yann E. Morin.
Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <>
Index: crosstool-ng-1.13.0/configure
--- crosstool-ng-1.13.0.orig/configure
+++ crosstool-ng-1.13.0/configure
@@ -496,7 +496,7 @@
ver='\(GNU libtool.*\) (2[[:digit:]]*\.|1\.6[[:digit:]]*\.|1\.5\.[2-9][[:digit:]]+)' \
err="'libtoolize' 1.5.26 or above was not found"
has_or_abort prog=stat
-has_or_abort prog="curl"
+has_or_abort prog="wget"
has_or_abort prog=patch
has_or_abort prog=tar
has_or_abort prog=gzip
Index: crosstool-ng-1.13.0/scripts/functions
--- crosstool-ng-1.13.0.orig/scripts/functions
+++ crosstool-ng-1.13.0/scripts/functions
@@ -456,13 +456,12 @@
# Some company networks have firewalls to connect to the internet, but it's
# not easy to detect them, so force a global ${CT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT}-second
# timeout.
- # For curl, no good progress indicator is available. So, be silent.
- if CT_DoExecLog ALL curl --ftp-pasv \
- --retry 3 \
- --connect-timeout ${CT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT} \
- --location --fail --silent \
- --output "${tmp}" \
- "${url}"
+ if CT_DoExecLog ALL wget --passive-ftp --tries=3 -nc \
+ -O "${tmp}" \
+ "${url}"
# Success, we got it, good!
mv "${tmp}" "${dest}"