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<h3>Developer Access</h3>
Because we use Git for version control, you don't need developer (ssh)
access on to contribute to Buildroot, but you can request
it if needed.
To obtain developer access, you will need to demonstrate you are
serious by submitting a few good patches first. Then, you will need
to select a username to use when logging in, you will need to send me
the username you have selected, you must send me your preferred
contact email address, and finally, you must send me an ssh version 2
DSA key with 1024 bits (the default) or more. If you do not currently
have an ssh version 2 DSA key, you can generate a key using the
command<pre>ssh-keygen -t dsa</pre> This will create the
files <pre>/home/&lt;USERNAME&gt;/ssh/id_dsa
/home/&lt;USERNAME&gt;/.ssh/</pre> It is recommended that
you generate a key with a "passphrase" for security reasons.
Make the file known to the system by running
<pre>ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_dsa</pre>
You must then send the content of '' to me so I can setup your account.
The content of 'id_dsa' should of course be kept secret.
Once you have an account, you can use it to store Git
repositories. Simply put them in subdirectories of your ~/git, and
touch ~/git/<repo>/git-daemon-export-ok, after which the hourly
cronjob will pick them up and show them in cgit. They are also
available though git-daemon:
<pre>git clone git://;USERNAME&gt/git/&lt;REPO&gt;</pre>
For additional detail on how to use Git, please visit the
<a href="">the Git website</a>.
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