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case "$1" in
# NOTE(apenwarr): Can't call 's6-rc -u change' here due to locking.
# s6-rc apparently holds a global lock across all its executions.
# The S03svscan script starts 'all', and holds the lock the whole
# time, which makes an s6-rc call to wait for only these early scripts
# actually end up waiting for *everything* to finish starting.
# Instead, let's just manually create some stamp files that we'll wait
# on. Eventually this can go away when we finish retiring old-style
# init scripts.
if [ ! -e /tmp/run/S03svscan.init ]; then
echo "FATAL: svscan not running. Not waiting for network/firewall."
exit 1
echo "Waiting for network+firewall init to finish..."
wait-until-created /tmp/run/network.init
wait-until-created /tmp/run/firewall.init
stop; start
echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop|restart}"
exit 1