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Customizing the toolchain
There are three distinct types of toolchain backend supported in Buildroot,
available under the menu +Toolchain+, invoking +make menuconfig+.
Using the external toolchain backend
There is no way of tuning an external toolchain since Buildroot does not
generate it.
It also requires to set the Buildroot settings according to the toolchain ones
(see xref:external-toolchain[]).
Using the internal Buildroot toolchain backend
The internal Buildroot toolchain backend *only* allows to generate
*[uClibc]-based toolchains*.
However, it allows to tune major settings, such as:
* Linux header version
*[uClibc] configuration (see xref:uclibc-custom[uClibc])
* Binutils, GCC, Gdb and toolchain options
This is directly available after selecting the +Buildroot toolchain+ type in
the menu +Toolchain+.
Using the Crosstool-NG backend
The[crosstool-NG] toolchain backend enables a rather
limited set of settings under the Buildroot +Toolchain+ menu (ie. when invoking
+make menuconfig+); mostly:
* The[crosstool-NG] configuration file
* Gdb and some toolchain options
Then, the toolchain can be finely tuned invoking +make ctng-menuconfig+.