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/** @page supported_boards Supported Boards
This is a list of boards that are currently supported by @a barebox.
PowerPC type:
@li @subpage pcm030
ARM type:
@li @subpage pcm037
@li @subpage pcm038
@li @subpage pcm043
@li @subpage imx21ads
@li @subpage imx27ads
@li @subpage tx28
@li @subpage the3stack
@li @subpage mx23_evk
@li @subpage board_babage
@li @subpage chumbyone
@li @subpage scb9328
@li @subpage netx
@li @subpage dev_omap_arch
@li @subpage a9m2440
@li @subpage a9m2410
@li @subpage eukrea_cpuimx27
@li @subpage eukrea_cpuimx35
@li @subpage edb9301
@li @subpage edb9302
@li @subpage edb9302a
@li @subpage edb9307
@li @subpage edb9307a
@li @subpage edb9312
@li @subpage edb9315
@li @subpage edb9315a
@li @subpage board_cupid
Blackfin type:
@li @subpage ipe337
x86 type:
@li @subpage generic_pc
* Add documentation to your boardfile, forward it with doxygen's page
* feature (@page <reference>) and include it here with:
* @subpage <reference>