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; - private declarations for color conversion & up/downsampling
; Copyright 2009 Pierre Ossman <> for Cendio AB
; Based on
; x86 SIMD extension for IJG JPEG library
; Copyright (C) 1999-2006, MIYASAKA Masaru.
; For conditions of distribution and use, see copyright notice in
; [TAB8]
; --------------------------------------------------------------------------
; pseudo-resisters to make ordering of RGB configurable
%if RGB_RED == 0
%define mmA mm0
%define mmB mm1
%define xmmA xmm0
%define xmmB xmm1
%elif RGB_GREEN == 0
%define mmA mm2
%define mmB mm3
%define xmmA xmm2
%define xmmB xmm3
%elif RGB_BLUE == 0
%define mmA mm4
%define mmB mm5
%define xmmA xmm4
%define xmmB xmm5
%define mmA mm6
%define mmB mm7
%define xmmA xmm6
%define xmmB xmm7
%if RGB_RED == 1
%define mmC mm0
%define mmD mm1
%define xmmC xmm0
%define xmmD xmm1
%elif RGB_GREEN == 1
%define mmC mm2
%define mmD mm3
%define xmmC xmm2
%define xmmD xmm3
%elif RGB_BLUE == 1
%define mmC mm4
%define mmD mm5
%define xmmC xmm4
%define xmmD xmm5
%define mmC mm6
%define mmD mm7
%define xmmC xmm6
%define xmmD xmm7
%if RGB_RED == 2
%define mmE mm0
%define mmF mm1
%define xmmE xmm0
%define xmmF xmm1
%elif RGB_GREEN == 2
%define mmE mm2
%define mmF mm3
%define xmmE xmm2
%define xmmF xmm3
%elif RGB_BLUE == 2
%define mmE mm4
%define mmF mm5
%define xmmE xmm4
%define xmmF xmm5
%define mmE mm6
%define mmF mm7
%define xmmE xmm6
%define xmmF xmm7
%if RGB_RED == 3
%define mmG mm0
%define mmH mm1
%define xmmG xmm0
%define xmmH xmm1
%elif RGB_GREEN == 3
%define mmG mm2
%define mmH mm3
%define xmmG xmm2
%define xmmH xmm3
%elif RGB_BLUE == 3
%define mmG mm4
%define mmH mm5
%define xmmG xmm4
%define xmmH xmm5
%define mmG mm6
%define mmH mm7
%define xmmG xmm6
%define xmmH xmm7
; --------------------------------------------------------------------------