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``tornado.platform.twisted`` --- Run code written for Twisted on Tornado
.. module:: tornado.platform.twisted
This module contains a Twisted reactor build on the Tornado IOLoop,
which lets you run applications and libraries written for Twisted in a
Tornado application. To use it, simply call `install` at the
beginning of the application::
import tornado.platform.twisted
from twisted.internet import reactor
When the app is ready to start, call `IOLoop.instance().start()`
instead of ``. This will allow you to use a mixture of
Twisted and Tornado code in the same process.
It is also possible to create a non-global reactor by calling
`tornado.platform.twisted.TornadoReactor(io_loop)`. However, if
the `IOLoop` and reactor are to be short-lived (such as those used in
unit tests), additional cleanup may be required. Specifically, it is
recommended to call::
before closing the `IOLoop`.
This module has been tested with Twisted versions 11.0.0 and 11.1.0.
.. function:: install(io_loop=None)
Install this package as the default Twisted reactor.
.. class:: TornadoReactor(io_loop=None)
Twisted reactor built on the Tornado IOLoop.
Since it is intented to be used in applications where the top-level
event loop is ``io_loop.start()`` rather than ````,
it is implemented a little differently than other Twisted reactors.
We override `mainLoop` instead of `doIteration` and must implement
timed call functionality on top of `IOLoop.add_timeout` rather than
using the implementation in `PosixReactorBase`.