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``tornado.escape`` --- Escaping and string manipulation
.. automodule:: tornado.escape
Escaping functions
.. autofunction:: xhtml_escape
.. autofunction:: xhtml_unescape
.. autofunction:: url_escape
.. autofunction:: url_unescape
.. autofunction:: json_encode
.. autofunction:: json_decode
Byte/unicode conversions
These functions are used extensively within Tornado itself,
but should not be directly needed by most applications. Note that
much of the complexity of these functions comes from the fact that
Tornado supports both Python 2 and Python 3.
.. autofunction:: utf8
.. autofunction:: to_unicode
.. function:: native_str
Converts a byte or unicode string into type `str`. Equivalent to
`utf8` on Python 2 and `to_unicode` on Python 3.
.. autofunction:: to_basestring
.. autofunction:: recursive_unicode
Miscellaneous functions
.. autofunction:: linkify
.. autofunction:: squeeze