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1) Memory leak (have not seen this lately)
The following snippet used to grow in memory (and may still) - please
notify me if anyone still observes this and even better has a fix.
perl -le '
use SNMP;
$obj = new SNMP::Session DestHost, "dubravka";
while (){
print $obj->get(["ifNumber",0]);
***Note: need to verify this with the async API as well***
2) not sure if this is a bug but I can cause a crash with a 'goto
LABEL;' from within an async callback function.
3) the following varbind format is not encoded correctly ... I have seen this crash the agent as well
use the following instead:
4) this is not handled yet
but strangely
5) if you are on a system that does not have vsnprintf in libc but you
do have BerkleyDB installed ucd configure will assume you will get it
from there - you will need to change hints/ to
$self->{LIBS} .= ' -lkstat -ldb';