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Some notes for the HP-UX 11.0/11i port
1. Starting the net-snmp daemon via rc script
When starting the net-snmp daemon via rc script you have to trap some signals
because otherwise the daemon will die the moment the rc script ends. I trap
the signals 1, 2 and 3 via "trap '' 1 2 3" immediately before starting the
daemon. I didn't check whether all these signals need to be trapped, probably
SIGHUP will suffice. BTW this applies to the HP-UX 10.x version as well. It
would be a good idea to ignore or handle these signals in the daemon...
2. Author, credits, comments
The HP-UX 11.0 port was done by Johannes Schmidt-Fischer <>
If you have questions or problems please feel free to contact me via the
above mentioned e-mail address. Please send a copy of your e-mail to the
net-snmp-coders mailing list - probably someone else can answer your
question earlier than me;-)