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README file for net-snmp Version: 5.7.3.rc1
The Authors assume no responsibility for damage or loss of system
performance as a direct or indirect result of the use of this
software. This software is provided "as is" without express or
implied warranty.
Table Of Contents
* Supported Architectures
Web Page
* Installation
Copying And Copyrights
* Frequently Asked Questions
Helping Out
* Code Update Announcements
* Mailing Lists
Agent Extensibility
Example Agent Configuration and Usage
Submitting Bug Reports
* = Required Reading.
This package was originally based on the CMU snmp code. It
has been greatly modified, restructured, enhanced and fixed. It
hardly looks the same as anything that CMU has ever released. It
was renamed from cmu-snmp to ucd-snmp in 1995 and later renamed from
ucd-snmp to net-snmp in November 2000.
This README file serves as a starting place to learn about the
package, but very little of the documentation is contained within
this file. The FAQ is an excellent place to start as well.
Additionally, there are a bunch of README files for specific
architectures and specific features. You might wish to look at some
of these other files as well.
Please see the FAQ for this information.
Please let us know if you compile it on other OS versions and it
works for you so we can add them to the above list.
Porting: Please! read the PORTING file.
Also note that many architecture have architecture specific README
files, so you should check to see if there is one appropriate to
your platform.
Web page:
Project Wiki:
Sourceforge Project page:
- US:
The old web site and ftp server is now
offline and should not be accessed any longer.
See the INSTALL file distributed with this package.
See the COPYING file distributed with this package.
See the FAQ file distributed with this package.
This is also available on the project Wiki at
so that the wider Net-SNMP community can help maintain it!
This is a project worked on by people around the net. We'd love
your help, but please read the PORTING file first. Also, subscribe
to the net-snmp-coders list described below and mention what you're
going to work on to make sure no one else is already doing so!
You'll also need to keep up to date with the latest code snap shot,
which can be obtained from CVS using the information found at
Contributions to the Net-SNMP source code in any form are greatly
appreciated. We expect the parties providing such contributions to
have the right to contribute them to the Net-SNMP project or that
the parties that do have the right have directed the person
submitting the contribution to do so. In addition, all contributors
need to be aware that if the contribution is accepted and
incorporated into the Net-SNMP project, it will be redistributed
under the terms of the license agreement used for the entire body of
work that comprises the Net-SNMP project (see the COPYING file for
details). If this license agreement ever changes the contribution
will continue to be released under any new licenses as well. Thank
you, in advance, for your gracious contributions.
See the NEWS file and the ChangeLog file for details on what has
changed between releases.
We hate broadcasting announce messages to other mailing lists and
newsgroups, so there is a mailing list set up to handle release
announcements. Any time we put new software out for ftp, we'll mail
this fact to See the
MAILING LISTS section described below to sign up for these
We will post new announcements on a very infrequent basis to the
other channels (the other snmp mailing lists and newsgroups like
comp.protocols.snmp), but only for major code revisions and not for
bug-fix patches or small feature upgrades.
The lists:
A number of mailing lists have been created for support of the project:
The main ones are: -- For official announcements -- For usage discussions -- For development discussions
The -coders list is intended for discussion on development of code
that will be shipped as part of the package. The -users list is
for general discussion on configuring and using the package,
including issues with coding user-developed applications (clients,
managers, MIB modules, etc).
Please do *NOT* send messages to both -users and -coders lists.
This is completely unnecessary, and simply serves to further
overload (and annoy) the core development team. If in doubt,
just use the -users list.
The other lists of possible interest are: -- For cvs update announcements -- For Bug database update announcements -- For Patch database update announcements
Please do NOT post messages to these lists (or to the announce list above).
Bug reports and Patches should be submitted via the Source Forge tracker
system. See the main project web pages for details.
To subscribe to any of these lists, please see:
The archives for these mailing lists can be found by following links at
The agent that comes with this package is extensible through use of
shell scripts and other methods. See the configuration manual pages
(like snmpd.conf) and run the snmpconf perl script for further details.
You can also extend the agent by writing C code directly. The agent
is extremely modular in nature and you need only create new files,
re-run configure and re-compile (or link against its libraries). No
modification of the distributed source files are necessary. See the
following files for details on how to go about this:,
Also, see the local/mib2c program and its README file for help in
turning a textual mib description into a C code template.
We now support AgentX for subagent extensibility. The net-snmp
agent can run as both a master agent and a subagent. Additionally,
a toolkit is provided that enables users of it to easily embed a
agentx client into external applications. See the tutorial at for an example of how
go about doing this.
See the man/snmp.conf.5 manual page.
For the agent, additionally see the man/snmpd.conf.5 manual page.
For the snmptrapd, see the man/snmptrapd.conf.5 manual page.
You can also run the snmpconf perl script to help you create some of
these files.
Important: *Please* include what version of the net-snmp (or
ucd-snmp) package you are using and what architecture(s) you're
using, as well as detailed information about exactly what is wrong.
To submit a bug report, please use the web interface at It is a full-fledged
bug-tracking system that will allow you to search for already
existing bug reports as well as track the status of your report as
it is processed by the core developers.
If you intend to submit a patch as well, please read the PORTING
file before you do so and then submit it to
We love patches. Send some to us! But before you do, please see
the 'PORTING' file for information on helping us out with the
process of integrating your patches (regardless of whether its a new
feature implementation or a new port).
Also, We're interested if anyone actually uses/likes/hates/whatever
this package... Mail us a note and let us know what you think of it!
Have fun and may it make your life easier,
The net-snmp developers
The following people have contributed various patches and
improvements. To them we owe our deepest thanks (and you do too!):
Wes Hardaker <>
Steve Waldbusser <>
Dan A. Dickey <>
Dave Shield <>
Giovanni S. Marzot <>
Niels Baggesen <>
Simon Leinen <>
David T. Perkins <>
Mike Perik <>
Sanjai Narain <>
Gary Palmer <>
Marc G. Fournier <>
Gary A. Hayward <>
Jennifer Bray <>
Philip Guenther <>
Elwyn B Davies <>
Simon Burge <>
David Paul Zimmerman <>
Alan Batie <>
Michael Douglass <>
Ted Rule <Ted_Rule@FLEXTECH.CO.UK>
Craig Bevins <>
Arther Hyun <>
Cristian Estan <>
Eugene Polovnikov <>
Jakob Ellerstedt <>
Michael J. Slifcak <>
Jonas Olsson <>
James H. Young <>
Jeff Johnson <>
Markku Laukkanen <>
Derek Simkowiak <>
David F. Newman <>
Nick Amato <>
Mike Baer <>
Patrick Lawrence <>
Russ Mundy <>
Olafur Gudmundsson <>
David Reeder <>
Ed Lewis <>
Bill Babson <>
Chris Smith <>
Mike Michaud <>
Andy Hood <>
Robert Story <>
Bert Driehuis <>
Juergen Schoenwaelder <>
Frank Strauss <>
Ragnar Kjørstad <>
Jochen Kmietsch <>
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
John L Villalovos <>
Christoph Mammitzsch <>
Arne Oesleboe <>
Jeff Cours <>
Karl Schilke <>
John Naylon <>
Ken Hornstein <>
Martin Oldfield <>
Harrie Hazewinkel <>
Mark Ferlatte <>
Marus Meissner <>
Stephan Wenzer <>
Ron Mevissen <>
T.J. Mather <>
Craig Setera <>
Katsuhisa ABE <>
Axel Kittenberger <>
Johannes Schmidt-Fischer <>
Jeffrey Watson <>
Bruce Shaw <>
Stefan Radman <>
Stephen J. Friedl <>
Alex Burger <>
Christophe Varoqui <>
Srikanth Pindiproli <>
Kevin Graham <>
Xiaofeng Ling <>
Brandon Knitter <knitterb@bl...>
Andrew Findlay <>
Ron Tabor <>
Peter Warasin <>
Bob Rowlands <>
Peter Hicks <Peter.Hicks@POGGS.CO.UK>
Andy Smith <>
Nick Barkas <>
Noah Friedman <>
Geert De Peuter <>
Magnus Fromreide <>
Marcus Meissner <>
Andrew Rucker Jones <>
Dai.H. <>
Thomas Anders <>
Vladislav Bogdanov <>
Peter Martin <>
Thomas Lackey <>
Joe Buehler <>
Anders Persson <>
Rojer <>
Bart Van Assche <>
Pablo Carboni <>
Bill Fenner <>
Brian Sipos <>
We've probably forgotten people on this list. Let us know if you've
contributed code and we've left you out.